personal property protection

A new technology to identify all your personal belongings if stolen.

I can’t wait to sign up for property DNA! In 2017 the FBI reported there were over 5.5 million thefts in the U.S. Ninety percent of the millions of items recovered by the police were not returned to the owners because the police were unable to determine who the rightful owners were. The property stolen in the 5.5 million thefts in 2017 was worth $5.6 billion.

A new company has developed the technology to identify personal property recovered in burglary and robbery cases. The company, called ProTech DNA, now has their anti-theft kits available for use. The kits allow you to identify your belongings with a tiny dot that will tell police it’s yours. The DNA comes in the form of a gel that has microscopic dots, each with your personal PIN on it. Place the gel on all your valuables and it will be used to trace items back to you if stolen. The police use a UV light and a special camera to decipher the dot you’ve placed on your stolen item.

How it works:

  • Register for a free account.
  • You will be assigned a personal identification number (PIN).
  • You will be sent an envelope with the adhesive gel containing the DNA.
  • This gel will be placed on all your valuables – it can be applied to almost any type of property – jewelry, TVs, bicycles, computers, cars, art and more.
  • Each kit has enough gel to mark 100 personal items.
  • The kits are free. Total cost is $5.00 shipping.
  • The gel cannot be removed by any solvents.
  • Send marked property inventory to IARLE (see below).


protect your personal property dna gelSize of free packet of gel

What the gel looks like magnified, with the DNA dots

protect personal property swabSwab a little of the gel onto the valuable item

Your registry and PIN give you access to The International Asset Registry for Law Enforcement (IARLE). This database is connected to over 36,000 law enforcement agencies around the U.S. All recovered stolen property is currently auto-searched looking for a match using make, model, serial number and any other characteristics that will help identify the owner. It is hoped this new property DNA technology will reduce the number of unclaimed items by 50% if used by both law enforcement and their communities.

Currently over 5,000 police departments have signed up with Protech DNA and about 1,000 more sign up every month. All law enforcement agencies are provided detection kits. When your stolen property is discovered and returned to you, the data base system automatically updates your case.

If you are wondering how ProTech is able to provide this gel for free, they have teamed up with insurance companies. Insurance companies will cover the ProTech costs because they are hoping that if people recover their stolen goods, the companies will receive far fewer claims to be paid out.