Online outfits and shopping

Looking for something in a specific category, like a long dress, boots or a blazer?  Looking for something specific you’ve seen in a magazine or in a store?  Want to put together an outfit to see how it will look before you purchase it?  Want to see other people’s ideas for fall?  All of this and more is possible on Polyvore.


Polyvore, a social commerce site, has changed online shopping.  If you are looking for a flowered dress, for example, put that into the ‘search’ box and up will come all the flowered dresses currently in stock in a myriad of stores.  If you like a particular brand or designer, put that name into the ‘search’ box and up will come up everything currently in stock. Click on the item you like in a ‘set’ and it will take you to the retailer selling it and you can buy it directly.  All the major department stores, including Harrods in London, are represented as well as smaller retailers and Etsy.

I have a friend who is a self-described Polyvore addict.  She is in the fashion business and has a fabulous fashion and beauty blog.  She also has created MANY sets on Polyvore that are wonderful and has 13,000 followers!  To see more than the one below, go to Polyvore has also has helped her tremendously in her business.  As a personal shopper at Richards in Connecticut, she has been able to find accessories for clients to compliment clothing from Richards, like a particular shoe to go with a wedding outfit. The social component part of the site is that she has established contact with other creators all over the world.


If you have an event to go to and “nothing to wear”, this is the site for you!  You can browse endless shoppable collages created by other users, play with your own stylish collage, or just browse the ‘Trending Now” section.  Your searches for clothes can be filtered by color, size, price, brand, store or product style (ie. day dress, cocktail dress or gown).

Polyvore has added a home furnishings section, aka ‘fashions for the home’.  The idea for Polyvore came about because one of the three founders, Pasha Sadri, was remodeling his home. He was overwhelmed by the hundreds of options for products like doorknobs and light fixtures. He built a tool where he could drag and drop the products onto a canvas to see how they looked together, and to help him organize his choices.  When he put his idea out to the public, it was the user community that chose fashion because it is the category everyone shops for regularly.  Seven years after its founding, Polyvore has added the category that was the original idea.


There are currently over 20 million users of Polyvore and the app has been downloaded 1.5 million times.  The eight year-old startup is cash positive!  A rarity in that business.

Warning: Polyvore is addictive!  Leave yourself some time to browse.