For the person who has everything, or is just plain difficult to shop for, sign them up for one or more of your favorite apps and websites! It might change their life!

For the bartender on your list, inform the Cocktail Flow app what spirits he or she has on hand and it will tell them what drinks they can make with them. Works with Android, Apple & Windows and it’s free.


A website for Mr. Fixit –

Has an appliance gone funny and no one can locate the user guide it came with?  Go to this website,  It has more than a million free user guides.


For the drivers on your list, download the GasBuddy app.  It will find the cheapest gas along their trip, or just the nearest gas station if they need gas in a hurry.  It works for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and is free.


For the chef, give them the Joy of Cooking app for $7.99.  It has over 4,500 classic recipes and can be searched by ingredient, cuisine or diet. From iTunes.


For the busy person, download the Postmates delivery app.  I would LOVE to find this app on MY phone (hint, hint).  It is available for iPhone and Android.  You can request a pick-up and delivery from any restaurant or store in your city.  Postmates is currently in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington, D.C. with new cities in the planning stages. Delivery fees start at $7.99. Free for iOS and Android.


For the environmentalist, give the Paper Karma app and then offer to give the time to photograph the mailing label on every catalog the recipient no longer wants to receive.  Paper Karma contacts each company and requests that it remove you from their mailing lists.  I’ve submitted over 98 requests and had great success reducing my unwanted catalogs. It’s $1.99 / month.

The iCatcher app will keep track of, play and download podcast subscriptions. It will keep track of each podcast’s status (listened to, unheard etc.) It will hold your place if you’ve only listened to part of a podcast. It is for iOS devices only. $3.00.


The Best Parking app is very handy at finding the nearest parking garage and informing the driver what it will cost. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Best Parking App

I’m assuming you know and use Yelp, Uber, OpenTable and Google Maps? If not you are so way behind the times that I won’t embarrass you by explaining them.  Go find out.

For the wine lover, I love an app called Vivino.  This app has a four million bottle data base.  They rate the wines and generate lists of recommendations. One can also take a photo of a wine label and it will give the price, general ratings and their user ratings. It is for Android, Apple and Windows and is free.


And, I love a website called Uncorked in Italy which has all the information about Italian wines anyone would ever need.

Uncorked in Italy app

Finally, for your two-year old friends or those with weak bladders, download the Charmin SitOrSquat app for them.  It will tell them where the nearest public bathroom is and rate it for cleanliness and provide pictures.  The level of cleanliness will determine whether they will need to squat over the toilet seat, or will be able to actually sit on it.  It is free for iOS and Android.


There is something for everyone, as they say.  Have fun!