90+ Cellars is a relatively new wine label launched in 2009 and based in Massachusetts.  The concept is to buy surplus delicious wine at a discount from high-end, fabulous vineyards and sell it under a private label for much less.  Unlike many of their competitors, 90+ only buys wines that have received 90+ ratings for past vintages.  This idea is a result of the 2008 recession where the pricier wines were struggling to find enough consumers willing to step up.  The high priced labels can’t sell their wines at a discount without damaging their reputations, so selling their unsold wine to a private label is a great solution.  A $40 bottle of wine can be sold at $15 to the consumer under the 90+ label.  The one hard and fast rule is that the wine producers for the 90+ wines must remain anonymous.

Our friend and noted wine expert says that while there can be a variation in quality; most of the 90+ wines have been very popular and well received.  The name 90+ comes from the wine rating score (a range of 50 – 100).  Their business model means that all 90+ bottles of say, chardonnay, with the same lot # on them are from  the same source. A chardonnay with a different lot # comes from a different source. The founders choose very carefully so the quality will always be consistent, but the taste will vary from lot to lot because the sources will be different. In other words, the same delicious wines are not available season after season, but their wines will be consistently delicious.

70% of their business is done in New England but they also sell in Texas, New York, New Jersey and Illinois and they continue to expand.

You could try to locate their sold-out Barolo, Lot 26, which sells for $75 by its producer, and for $30 by 90+ or just wait for the next great 90+ lot to be released!

90+ Cellars at www.ninetypluscellars.com.