Party string lights

Light up your party or your patio

Party string lights can add a festive atmosphere to any area. They provide lovely lighting to any indoor or outdoor spaces, party or no party.  Here are some we like.

Party string lights - globe lights from Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel has several we like.  These globe string lights are indoor or outdoor lights with clear mini globe bulbs that are easy to replace.  They can be used outdoors on trees or shrubs or as terrace lighting year round.  Each light is 1.5” in diameter, 5 watts and the strand is 25 feet long.  There are 25 clear globes per strand.  It plugs into a standard electrical outlet. $34.95


Party String Lights - Twinkle Gold String Lights Crate & barrell

These gold LED twinkle lights are tiny and subtle.  They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are on a slender golden wire wrap that can go around trees, bushes or garlands for the holidays.  For year round use they create a soft glow for any area.  $12 for a 10’ string.


Party String Lights - Thos. Baker round party lights

Thos. Baker sells these round outdoor party lights.   Each string is 25 feet and has 25 sockets of round party lights. $40.00.

These pig and cow party lights might come in handy for the right theme party, or just as amusing room decorations. They are whimsical and charming. Each string has 10 cows or pigs.  The cows are black, white and pink plastic and the pigs are pink plastic.  The cows and pigs are spaced 12” apart on the string. The cows  are $24.99 per string and the pigs are $19.99.

Party String Lights - cow string light


Party String Lights - Pink Pig string lights



Party String Lights - mini nylon lantern lights

These are multicolored mini nylon lantern string lights. Each nylon light is 3” in diameter and there are twenty on a string.  They are good for both indoor and outdoor use.  Each bulb is 2.5v and each strand is 16.5’ long and plugs into an outlet.  $34.00 per strand. The mini nylon lanterns come in all white – 3″ white lights.

Party String Lights - White 6" lantern string lights

Here is a larger version of the nylon lantern in white. Each lantern is 6” in diameter.  Each strand has 10 lanterns with 2 warm white LEDs in each.  The strings are good inside or outside.  $19.46


Party String Lights - solar powered flower lights

These multicolored string lights are solar powered.  They are outdoor flower fairy lights and are 22’ long.  There are 50 flower lights on each string. After full charge of 6 – 8 hours the lights will glow for 8 – 10 hours.  They can be charged in the winter and are waterproof.  Each string is $13.99.

Would you like a few more options? We’ve got a later article with more String Lights!