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Social Media – how to make it more of a friend than a foe!

The past year+ has been difficult on so many levels. Yet, it provided us with some benefits—more time to just ‘be’, maybe pick up a new hobby, finish that project we’ve been putting off for years, learn to cook a new cuisine (hello plant-based eating!), and many things in between.

I limit the time I allow myself to be on social media each day; five minutes here and there really do add up! So, I want to use my screen time wisely.  As previously mentioned in my other article, The Best Route Through the Instagram Maze, I only really use Instagram and Facebook every so often.  I do not do TikTok.

There are a lot of wonderful accounts on Instagram that can add to your life. From going green initiatives and advocacy to cooking a new recipe,  to learning about wooly mammoths and other ancient beings; I’ve compiled some of my favorites below.



#greenmatters – for amazing updates on the environmental front!

“Green Matters is dedicated to making news and topics across sustainability accessible to all. ♻️ #greenmatters



#chefjoseandres – the Michelin Star chef has launched initiatives to assist people who have experienced hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. His nonprofit, World Central Kitchen has helped thousands of people with the “power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond.”




#americanmuseumofnaturalhistory – followed by New Yorkers and outsiders alike, the AMNH posts fun-facts, exhibit updates, and beautiful photos for all audiences.




#animalsdoingthings – in my opinion, animals are the best thing on this planet and this account provides all the entertainment, smiles, and happy tears we need!






#rainforestalliance – chock full of great stats, events, and initiatives to help the rainforest!



#Goodnews_movement – a great place to go for a smile and restoring your faith in humanity! They recently posted a video of a toddler who was in a crowd of adults and could dance.


#HistoryCoolKids for all the history that we didn’t know we needed to know. They have been fantastic in illuminating a dark space with some light with the contributions of black and brown peoples, and women throughout history.



#Sheldricktrust – this elephant sanctuary has gained much recognition, especially in the past year. FourChristmases ago, my parents adopted three baby elephants; one for each of my siblings and me. Seeing them grow up and watching their spunky personalities has been a great joy.


#cnnclimate – for updates on climate related issues and initiatives.




#npr – I find the NPR account has fantastic graphics that are easily digestible for visual learners, like me, and may be beneficial for children, as well.



                                                                             #NYT – NewYorkTimes, #nytgender, #nytopinion, #nytcooking




#time – a great periodical.




#newshour – PBS’ Instagram that delivers bipartisan news.




#nationalgeographic – NatGeo, NatGeo Travel, NatGeo Wild are all wonderful accounts to peak into the natural world and they each put forth ways of how we can help conserve it.





#bbcearth – similar to NatGeo, but with a different twist.




#davidattenborough – the narrator of Planet Earth and a true delight on the screen, Attenborough is matter of fact with this approach to the climate crisis and conserving natural habitats.



#billnye – the wonderfully nerdy scientist whom so many people in my generation grew up with, and whom the generations above us watched their children and grandchildren grow up with, is back! He has gained substantial momentum in the past year and I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon!



#sesamestreet – sometimes we all need a bit of Big Bird, Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster, and sometimes… Oscar the Grouch 







The Met – similar to AMNH, The Met posts updates on exhibits, biographies of artists, short videos, etc. that all audiences can enjoy.



MoMA’s Instagram page is similar to the other museums’ pages, but as AMNH and The Met differ in content, so does MoMA!




A social change and environmental awareness page; good things come to those who wait! Although I think we need to take drastic shifts and make monumental changes in regard to societal and environmental health and wellbeing, this page highlights steps that each of us can take in this battle and uncovers some corruption in our world.



Ali Maffucci is the older sister of a sorority sister of mine, and she launched her ‘influencer’ career and brand by spiralizing vegetables and turning them into decadent meals. She also promotes wellness, exercise, general well being, and parenting tips. I follow her for delicious, nutritious, and healthy recipes—and because she is very real about life and being authentic.



An animal shelter in Serbia that I’ve donated to in the past. It is led by one man who has thousands of dogs and rescues more almost daily. He takes donations on the shelter’s site. It’s a great initiative, and much needed!




An animal shelter in Morocco that saves so many perfect pups and takes donations via their site.




Those are just a few of the most visible accounts in my feed. The Instagram algorithm knows me very well and prioritizes good news, the environment, dogs, and food.


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