This article has been updated Spring 2018

Thirty million people share real time information with drivers nearby so that they can all outsmart traffic.  Download it onto your phone or iPad – it’s free.

When we drive into New York City, we use WAZE to navigate around the inevitable slowdowns.  Our fellow drivers have identified accidents, road work and even speed traps – not that we ever exceed the posted limit!  They give us up-to-date gas prices at near-by stations.  Our fellow drivers on Waze even edit maps to make sure we never face a dead-end.

You’ve got to love the power of crowd-sourced information, especially in changing traffic conditions.

You’ve got to get this ‘app’!  You can download it for free from the Apple Store.

Or, get it on Google Plays.

Since this article first came out, Google bought waze for a reported $1.3 billion dollars, It has recently  added the service, waze carpool. Like Airbnb and Uber, drivers set up profiles and can be ranked for timeliness, good driving etc. Find a shared ride with the app, choosing who you want to ride with by using the filters provided like “same-gender” or “only co-workers”, making the service tailored to your needs. Currently the service is in California, Washington, Texas and Israel.