I love whimsy and animal stools fit the bill.  Some are very handsome and chic while others make you burst out laughing.  Here is an eclectic selection.

This zebra stool comes in two sizes, small & large.  They are on sale, the large $279.00.  Also available are giraffe, cow, leopard, and tiger stools.animal themed stools

I’m not quite sure what animal this is, but it has hooves.  This can be used as a stool or a side table.  It is finished in white lacquer and is 12.5” in diameter and 20” tall.  $149.95.

3 legged stool with hoofs

This owl garden stool would look great on a porch or in a sun room. It is ceramic and a beautiful teal color. It can double as a side table. It is 12”w x 18” h and $95.00.

Ceramic owl stool

I love this leather pig stool from Jonathan Adler.  The pig is 28.5” long x 17” high x 11.4” wide.  It is modeled on vintage animal leather stools Jonathan saw in England.  Each one is handcrafted in full grain leather.  It is an investment piece at $950.00 but well worth it!Three Legged Stool

I also love this leather elephant stool from Jonathan Adler.  He is 22” long x 21” high and 8” wide.  $850.00.  Also available are a hippo, rhinoceros, terrier, bull and a dachshund foot stool.

Three legged Stool

This accent table has three Cheyenne horns as legs.  The natural horns are highly polished to bring out the color and grain. It is 18.5”h x 15” diameter.  $349.00.


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