Wow them at the next party you go to!

Not since Judith Leiber’s peak have novelty evening bags been so popular.  Formerly known as minaudières, they traditionally were carried by hand.  Most of the ones pictured here have thin gold metal chains so the bags can also be worn over the shoulder.   JW Anderson’s clutch pigeon bag, pictured below, at $890 each, completely sold out when it hit stores.

I love whimsical accessories and I still own my Judith Leibers, fortunately bought before she hit the big time.  Leiber makes beautiful clutch bags out of crystals depicting normal things like rabbits, ducks, lips, pandas, hearts, doughnuts and many more.  They still sell well, and cost in the high four figures. Knock-offs abound, and can be more affordable, since novelty bags, while great fun when appropriate, do not get a great deal of use.

When you buy knock-offs, however, it’s buyer beware.  You can get what you pay for in terms of longevity and quality.


This Kiwi Krush Crossbody Handbag is fun and great looking. It is hand-beaded and embroidered.  $195.00.


These are Mogor rhinestone crystal bling glitter evening handbags.  They have a crossbody/shoulder detachable silver chain strap and a top snap closure.  Each is 7” x 4” x 4”.  $27.99 for each.


This is a rhinestone Crystal Eye Evening Bag for women.  It has a gold chain and comes in several color versions.  $39.68.


This evening bag is a Swarovski Crystal purse shaped as a money bag.  It’s quite dazzling.  $275.00.


I think this is a beautiful bag.  I have not seen it in person, but the reviews are very good. It is a small clutch and comes with a thin gold metal chain. $122.06. The store is low in stock, and this bag can be pre-ordered.


This divine cupcake evening clutch must be pre-ordered. I love its whimsy.  $122.33.








The cupcake also comes in pink.  It must be pre ordered.  $122.06.



This is not the recently famous pigeon clutch, but it’s close.  Covered in crystal rhinestones, it is a classic. It comes with a thin gold metal chain.  It must be pre-ordered and is expected to be back in stock at the end of April. $128.47.


This crystal rhinestone is the poker card Ace of Hearts. It has a silver metal frame and faux leather-lined interior.  It measures 7” long x 3.5” high and 1.75” wide. There are two removable silver chains.  One is a long shoulder chain at 21”, and the other is shorter, 19”.  It also comes with spare crystals. $55.99.

This is not a ‘novelty’ bag, but I thought it was so pretty, I had to include it.  It is a metal frame with crystal rhinestone flowers. It has a gold metal shoulder strap.  Extra crystals are provided.  $129.99.

This is a handmade peacock crystal rhinestone evening clutch bag.  It is 6.5” x 4” x 2.5”.  it comes in silver, gold, black, blue and the gold/green one above. It comes with a gold metal 22” shoulder strap.  It is $82.99.

I love this Swirled Peppermint candy Crystal Clutch.  It is a metal clutch designed to look like a piece of old-fashioned candy.  It is 7.5” x 4.75” x 1.75”. It cannot accommodate a cell phone.  It comes in eleven color combinations.  $119.99.


If you want to browse Judith Leiber’s creations, they cost between $1,000 – $7,000 each, click here. They have proven to be a good investment as they still sell well, and prices are climbing.