Every year we cluck along with you about how difficult men are to shop for.  While there are few socks and shirts scattered around here, this list has a few more imaginative items than usual.

He wants a dog?  We’ve found the solution.  Spin Master Zoomer is a robotic dog.  The more you play with it the more dog stuff he can do, like wagging his tail, rolling over, playing dead and even playing fetch. He’s also trilingual – he speaks English, Spanish and French. The best news?  Zoomer doesn’t have to be fed or walked and he doesn’t shed!  $140.00.


Get him a Bass Egg!  A Bass Egg is a portable, wireless, rechargeable audio device that turns anything it sits on into a speaker. It really works and the sound is great.  I know because I have one and we use it everywhere.  It comes in black or gunmetal.  $99.95.


This is a great looking gingham button down shirt.  The fabric is lightweight and it’s a classic fit. It also comes in pinks and blues.  $95.00.


This website has an amazing array of men’s socks! You can shop by design (spots, stripes etc.) or color. All pairs are $12.00.


Women have padded bras so why shouldn’t men have padded t-shirts?  These t-shirts, or ‘muscle tops’ as the Funkybod website calls them, are padded to add pecs, shoulders, triceps and biceps for svelte men. They come in grey, black and white, sleeveless or with sleeves, and in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.  All are £29.99 which is $48.34 in today’s exchange rate.  They are made in London, but shipped internationally.  Charles Atlas look out!


While this wouldn’t give me a thrill, I think it will thrill my husband.  Oh, the chores he could do with these Shammy cloth rolls!  There are 20 cloths on a roll.  This is a green alternative to paper towels, and I’ve never met a man who didn’t love Shammy cloths. Just throw them in the washing machine and reuse.  He’ll never run out! $12.00 for a 2 rolls, 20 cloths on each.


This website prides itself on ‘the world’s most proper basics’.  It sells well-made and high quality men’s socks, boxer shorts and t-shirts.  These socks are Merino wool silk blend tweed rib.  Very luxurious!  $36.00.


The Customizable Switch has 12 different high-quality stainless-steel tools, (blades, wire stripper, screwdriver, LED flashlight and more) that perform 16 tasks.  They can be mixed and matched, swapped in and out and arranged into groups, as he wants.  $89.00.


Do you have a man on your list with the potential of becoming a good cook?  Encourage him with this book – Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need by Ryan D’Agostino. Esquire’s food editor.  The recipes look delicious and if you’re lucky, he’ll cook for you.  $22.46.


He’ll love this portable scanner – The Doxie Go is a 10 1/2” scanner that weighs less than a pound and takes up no space on his desk.  It can store up to 600 pages and transmits everything wirelessly to a Mac or PC.  It has a rechargeable battery so it can go anywhere. $199 including software.


There is nothing nicer than a great looking shoehorn.  And it’s useful!  This one is leather, in a cognac color and $28.00.


This Ralph Lauren iPad case is in pebbled leather and comes in six colors.  $98.00.


In the depths of winter my husband loves his cashmere hat.  It really keeps him warm.  This one comes in ten colors and is $59.00.


This is just what he needs on his desk so he won’t get lonely!  This Log and Squirrel planter is self-watering so it’s very low maintenance. When he can’t see the squirrel it’s time to fill the reserve back up. $16.79.


Does he like to grill?  Broaden his skills with these Premium Smoker Woods.  This set of 3 bags of smoker wood chips is a great gift.  One bag is peach wood, one is cherry wood and one is pecan wood. $19.99 for the set.


I love this Boot Leather Valet with red bandana. It will look so snappy on top of his bureau, filled to the brim with everything from his pockets. It is 8” square.  $60.


The Patagonia Better Sweater vest is a new addition to their Better Sweater line.  It’s warm, has zippered pockets and is a great layer to add when it’s cold. $99.


This long-sleeve fleece sweatshirt has gotten rave reviews.  It’s a medium weight and very soft.  $128.00 by Onassis.


 This slim, rechargeable USB Travel Razor is perfect for the guy on the go who wants a little clean up.  A full charge gives 30 minutes of shave time and it recharges off his laptop’s USB port.  From $19.99.


I love a practical present and everyone loves an organized suitcase.  These packing cubes really work.  Set of three for $28.49.