No Show Invisible Socks

Keep your feet protected and your look chic in no-show invisible socks.

Yes, this really is a ‘thing’. When I began considering no-show socks I was amazed at the results of my Google search. These socks have become a fashion accessory necessity.

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Wearing socks well can be challenging for adults, especially men. My husband endures endless teasing from his three daughters when he wears white athletic mid-calf socks with his shorts. In his defense, socks and shorts don’t mix well. Now that cropped pants for men are gaining popularity, socks again become a test of chicness. It is the exposed leg with socks that is the problem and leads to ‘dorkiness’. Long pants and trousers allow both men and women to wear any color-coordinating sock at any height without having the fashion police called.

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I understand the need to wear socks – they keep your feet warm and they prevent blisters and calluses from leather rubbing against bare skin. They also absorb sweat and keep feet fresher. Over time sweat breaks down the material on our shoes and they will wear out faster. Even when going to the gym, people like to look current and chic while protecting their feet. My daughters have worn low ankle socks for ages. No-show socks are the latest iteration.   It is a big fashion no-no to wear socks that show.

No-show socks need to be comfortable and stay on your feet. Here are the most highly rated no-show socks that promise not to end up in a heap at one end or the other of your foot.

No-show socks Bombas

Bombas No Show socks are made from fine-gauge cotton. They have contoured seams and linked stitching at the heels and toes for a tight grip at the back of the foot. They have stay-put heel grips designed to keep the sock in place as you are styling around. Bombas has a one pair purchased – one pair donated plan. They are machine washable and dryable. A four-pack for women is $45.60

The Solid No-Show Four Pack for men is also $45.60.

Bombas No-Socks for women

These Marcoliani Invisible Touch Dot No-Show Socks are unisex and come in several patterns and solid colors. I’m partial to dots so I love these. They are machine washable or can be dry-cleaned. They have an anti-slip system on the heel. These come in grey with blue dots or blue with turquoise dots. $21.00 a pair.

Nice Laundry No-Socks

Nice Laundry offers a pack of six no-show socks.- three for dress shoes and sneakers that are higher cut shoes, and three extra low pairs for loafers and boat shoes. These socks have three-way spandex and a nonslip silicone heel. The No Show Variety box is $59.00. You can also build your own box with your own combinations, including all the other varieties of socks Nice Laundry offers.

Panthrella no-show socks

Pantherella offers no-show socks for men and women. The women’s Rio Invisible Sock in made from Egyptian Cotton. It has a non-slip heel grip and sits below the shoe-line. It comes in 5 colors. $25.00 a pair.

Panthrella No-show socks men

Pantherella men’s Invisible Socks come in three patterns – Seville has ten solid colors, Sienna has three stripe selections and St. Tropez has one with dots. All are made from Egyptian cotton and all have a breathable top and a non-slip heel. The one reservation I read about these socks is that the fine gauge cotton might not be thick enough to protect the skin in a more rugged shoe.

No-show socks ryker

These Riker no-show socks for men from Richer Poorer come in three colorways. A 2-pack is $16.00. They are made from ultra lightweight combed cotton with an elastic compression band and inner heel silicone to keep them from slipping.

Richer Poorer no-show socks

The Richer Poorer no-show socks for women are also $16.00 for a 2-pack. They are made from the same combed cotton as the men’s. There are many patterns and solids colors to choose from.

Uniqlo no-show socks

Uniqlo has the lowest price I found for no-show socks. Men’s no-show socks are cushioned, fitted with extra heel and toe thread for strength. They are a mesh knit for breathability and are quick drying. They come in four solid colors and two stripes. $3.99 a pair.

Women’s Uniqlo no-show socks are one size and come in white, gray or black. They are a mesh material for breathability and elasticized around the opening for improved fit. There is also a square cut no-show sock. 3 pairs for $9.90.

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