Nick Turpin

“It’s nice, when taking pictures in the street, not to have to participate in any way in the stream of life passing you by” Nick Turpin

nick-turpin-street-photographer-man-on-the-streetWhat is street photography?  It is actually what it sounds like – candid and random outdoor photography.  While street photography usually features people, it might also have no people or even no street whatsoever. While the street photographer is an observer, framing and timing are key elements of street photography with the aim of creating images with contradictions or poignancy.

One of the most famous street artists is Henri Cartier-Bresson, a 20th century photographer who focused on strangers on the street or in bistros between 1946 – 1957. Another famous photographer who took candid pictures of people was Walker Evans who did a subway series from 1938 – 1941.

nick-turpin-photo-of-himselfNick Turpin is a 21st century street photographer with a great sense of whimsy. He was born in London in 1969.  He worked in advertising, design and fashion before he discovered his passion – street photography.  In his words, “There is something about the making of photographs in public places that resonates with me more than any other kind of photography. I think it simply suits my personality.”

In 2000 he established iN-PUBLIC, an international group of street photographers that is a collective. iN-PUBLIC produces books,  conducts workshops and holds exhibitions.  It is the first international collective of street photographers.


He currently publishes his photographers through Nick Turpin Publishing, a photobook publisher he established in 2009.  He also gives workshops on street photography and makes short films.  He has a piece in the permanent collection of the Museum of London.

As Nick Turpin says “They are just pictures about life”.

nick-turpin-street-lineCheck out this interesting video by Nick Turpin about his street photography.

If you enjoy images of everyday people in public, curated through a talented eye, check out the ASE article: Humans of New York.  Photographer Brandon Stanton speaks to his subjects and pairs their stories with his images.



Untitled, Nick Turpin (British, b. 1969), Photograph