Get ahead of the curve!

A new year means new ideas and trends in every aspect of our lives. Some will be great and will stick, and others will flop. In the coming year we will leave behind some trends and ideas from 2018 that didn’t work for us and embrace and adapt the new ones for 2019 that interest and excite us. Here what are the experts in style, fashion, design and the culinary arts are predicting.


Women’s clothes will feature neon colors and bold bright shades. A neon article of clothing should be paired with items in basic colors like camel or black.

Khaki and beige will be everywhere, but the clothing styles will be bold and with lots of layers.

‘Neo Boho’ style will be trendy – kind of hippie-ish. Long, crochet items, items with fringing, tie-dye clothes will all be popular.

Cinched waists and lots of layering will be abundant, as will corduroy and robe dresses.

Clothing adorned with feathers, and animal prints and leather, especially snakeskin will be abundant.

Mixing prints will be popular – plaids with polka dots, mixing florals and multi-colors.


Handbags and Accessories

Bags will be in geometric shapes, see-through transparent bags will make a comeback, top handle bags and structured handbags will be popular. Fanny packs and belt bags make a comeback.

Other accessories will have feathers adorning them. Neck scarves will be everywhere, and all kinds of accessories will be in animal prints and snakeskin.

Home décor and style

Home and style trends for 2019 will focus on all-natural products, sustainability and nature-inspired décor.   Hand-made items will be popular.

Amazingly, floral fabrics and wallpapers are going to make a comeback! So will four poster beds.

Acrylic furniture will be seen more, as will black bathrooms and light wood floors. Soft carpets and very comfortable sofas will be found again in living rooms.

Finally, tassels, fringe, trims and tie-backs will make a comeback. This is wonderful news for those of us who still have them in our houses and apartments!


Would you believe ancient grains and sumac will be popular? Fermented food (kimchi, tempeh, miso and pickles) and drinks (kombucha, Kefir) are going mainstream.

Water Lily seeds, oat milk, vegan jerky, monk fruit sweetener as a sugar substitute, orange wine are all new foods that will have their break-through in 2019.

Casual fine dining will win out over more formal fine dining restaurants.


There will be many CBD and THC-laced cocktails, and canned wine is taking off, especially in the U.S. Mocktails will be very popular. See ASE’s article with recipes about EANABS (equally attractive non-alcoholic beverages).

What’s out?

Thigh high boots and stilettos

Off the shoulder tops

Oversized jackets


Quartz countertops

Mid-century furniture

Rooms without color or texture

Cool Grays