“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” —Sam Keen



Keep your summer beverages cold with this ICEMULE Classic.  This is a soft cooler that will keep its contents cool for up to 24 hours. It is designed to be carried as a backpack or slung over one shoulder.  When not in use, it rolls up for easy storage.  There are 10 colors to choose from.

The large size is perfect for families or groups of friends with its 20-liter capacity. It holds 18 cans and ice and is $89.95.  It is 11.5” x 11.5” x 18” closed.

The medium size has 15-liter capacity and is $79.95.  It is 10.25” x 10.25”x 18” closed.

The small size has a 10-liter capacity and is $69.95. It is 9” x 9” x 18” closed.

The Mini has 9-liter capacity and is perfect for taking your lunch or drinks with you for the day.  It weighs 1.4 lbs. and is 7” x 7.5” x 14” closed. It comes in only four colors.





This small portable solar speaker is waterproof, sand-proof and shockproof.  It will charge from the sun in 16 hours or in one or two hours via a USB port. The speaker is 5.2” x 4.17” x 2” and weighs 7 oz.  $50.00.



Hydro Flask has insulation technology that keeps contents cold or hot very effectively.  This Hydro Flask bundle of a 3 qt serving bowl with lid, a 5 qt serving bowl with lid and a pair of serving spoons is $125.85 or you can buy them separately.  There are three colors to choose from.  Hydro Flask







This is a small, portable tabletop fireplace.  It can be used indoors and outdoors.  It comes in a concrete pot and is fueled by rubbing alcohol that is smokeless and odorless. The flame will last 40-50 minutes before it needs to refuel.  It is light and easy to transport.  It is 5” x 2” x 3.5”.  It is easy to light and extinguish. $69.95.






These fun lights are great to use at outdoor night parties. They are rechargeable You can switch the color of the lighting from warm white to cool blue by tapping the dome.  Dim the light by pressing down on the top.  They are water-resistant. $30.00.




If you want to be outside this summer and eat ice cream at the same time, you have to be quick before it melts into soup.  These insulated bowls will keep your ice cream and other cool desserts at a perfect temperature.  They will also keep your hot foods hot.  The set of two bowls comes with a lid.  Hand-washing the bowls is recommended.  They each hold 12 oz.  A set of two is $48.00.


This Gusgopo beach blanket is 79”x 83” and can seat four people comfortably. It is waterproof and sand-proof.  It is lightweight and comes with a waterproof case. $15.99.


Corkcicle has partnered with Rifle Paper Co, to create this set of stemless, enamel-painted stemless trip-insulated drinkware.  They will keep drinks cool for over nine hours, and drinks hot for three hours. They have a stay-put silicone bottom and a sliding, shatter-proof crystal clear lid.  They are made from stainless steel.  Each style comes in five colorways. The stemless wine cup is $34.95 and holds 12 oz., the tumbler is $39.95 and holds 24 oz. and the mug is $42.95 and holds 16 oz.