I went to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine a couple of weeks ago.  It’s an annual event I love.  If you’ve ever wondered where your hippie friends have got to, you will find them at the Common Ground Fair. It is put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and is “a celebration of rural living that promotes organically grown Maine produce, alternative lifestyles and a common ground for a variety of organizations”.

There are many small producers of delightful items at the Common Ground Fair that I thought I’d share with you.  That led me into throwing a larger net to include all my favorite Maine made items.

Meg K Walsh make very appealing ceramics.  I particularly love the feather design. This plate is 10” diameter, hand painted and hand carved.  You can choose between navy or turquoise for the border color. It is $48.00.


Tandem Glass is gorgeous.  It is hand blown and hand crafted.  I love their glasses.  They will also do custom work.  The products are durable and beautiful.  A tall glass is $45.00.


Addie Peet makes nautical and symbol flags and floorcloths from heavy duck natural canvas.   The floorcloths are hand painted with her geometric designs.  She also does custom designs.  A 2’ x 3’ is $180.00.


Janice Jones hand weaves beautiful tea and kitchen towels.  They are handmade from cotton.  A kitchen towel is $34.00.  She also weaves napkins.  A set of four is $80.00.  She also weaves wonderful cotton throws for $225 each.


Purplebean Bindery produces sturdy blank books and limited edition artists books.  The books are handmade with cotton covers and prices start at $22.00.


Coyote Graphics makes unusual and very appealing wildlife T shirts.  They use eco-friendly inks and all cotton shirts.  They are washable.  This wolf shirt is one of our favorites.  $20.00.


The Maine Sea Salt Company takes their natural sea salt from the Gulf of Maine.  Evaporation is by the sun and wind.  They make plain sea salt as well as smoked salts and seasoned salts.


Maine Shakers make and sell delicious herbs in many flavors. There are 36 herbs to choose from. A 4 oz. tin is $4.95 or a resealable bag is $4.00.



Maine Maple Products are delicious.  They sell maple syrup, maple candy, maple flavored candy drops, honey, blueberry syrup and jams.  3.75 oz. of maple candies is $9.75.