Most popular ASE articles

Here at A Sharp Eye we love writing for you and running this website, and we want to make sure we are giving you the kind of material that you find interesting.  We looked at the articles that received the most attention from all of you in 2012 hoping to spot some trends and learn more about you, our readers.  In particular we were interested to discover any specific interests, oddities, neuroses, you know, defining characteristics!

What we learned to our great relief is that you all are a bunch of eclectic but well-rounded, intelligent folks with varied interests and sensitivities, and great senses of humor.  Whew!   It means that we can continue doing what we’re doing, but if we’re misreading the tea leaves, please feel free to communicate your wishes loudly and often by emailing us at [email protected], or leaving us messages via Twitter or Facebook on our home page.  We will listen.

On to the survey – here are the most read articles in 2012 and why we think they were –