Guest Writer Danielle Marconi is the Founder of Self Centered, LLC.  Danielle is also a school psychologist, school counselor, massage therapist, yoga instructor and Reiki specialist.  She has practiced all over the globe and has conducted work in the Tri-State (CT, NY and NJ) as well as Hawaii.

Holidays, anniversaries, and celebrations are good reminders to begin again. The practice of refreshing ourselves, reigniting our passions, and re-energizing our lives must occur daily at some level. Welcome a new year, a clean slate, a time to get motivated and to make changes.

My biggest problem with New Year’s resolution time is the pressure to make changes NOW and to stick with the momentum. I am making an effort this year to ease into my new me. I want to take time and become aware of myself and savor my journey along the way. No pressure, no time constraints and certainly no failure, unfulfilled goals, or self-loathing. By using the principles of yoga and meditation, I am bringing awareness to the present moment. It is in the present moment where all things are possible. Remember – we are daily making this life daily, moment by moment. This year I resolve to evolve – nothing more than that. Let’s relish our fulfillments not suffer in our deficiencies.

  • STEP 1: Recognize (not belittle) where we are now. Cultivate awareness of where we are now, and what is holding us back from taking a step into the unknown. Set an intention for your life.
  • STEP 2: Make the leap. Start facing your fears and making yourself uncomfortable. This is where all the growing takes place; outside our comfort zone.
  • STEP 3: Appreciate and reflect on the journey. It’s a winding road and although there will be moments of greatness, there will also be instants of challenges. It is important to remember no matter what the path looks like we are always evolving. Once we become aware of our progress we can then set new goals. Always keep moving forward and raising your vibration.

It is in this new living awareness our lives will begin to change. We become more aware of possibilities and of our choices. But more so, we become more aware of how our choices affect us. Things become more relevant like where we spend our time and with whom.  We are more mindful of the things we say and how we act – noticing if these things are taking us away or bringing us closer to our true self. When we are mindful of our choices and direct our consciousness, our thoughts no longer enslave us. We are now choosing to be exactly where we are.

In short, no more victimization, no more complaints. We are pioneers to our own future. And then we realize it really was never about “getting somewhere” – it is realizing we are already here, every moment, choice by choice, breath by breath. As someone said to me recently, “Time flies, and we are the pilots”.