Almond Macaroons

We’re talking about almond macaroons, as opposed to coconut macaroons.  The almond variety is made of ground almonds, or almond paste, egg whites and sugar. Gluten, lactose, and cholesterol free! They are wonderful with a cup of tea, with fruit as dessert, or as a hostess gift.

Almond Macaroons

For many years, the best almond macaroons available by mail were St. Julien Macaroons from White Oak Farm in Sandown, New Hampshire. They are mouth-watering, the way a perfectly baked almond macaroon should be. They are crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.   Just divine!  They come in 2 flavors, honey almond and cocoa almond.  They also freeze beautifully.
Three dozen are $32, outside of N.E. Price includes shipping.

The delicious French macarons, those fantastic taste treats that look like a macaroon sandwich, with a little filling in between, have made a major splash in the States.  They are divine, and they need to be.  They are very pricey, and make the good ‘ol US of A – style New Hampshire macaroons look free.

They are bite-sized, and can come in many flavors.  They are so delicate that not many bakeries ship them, but we found some that do.

Essence Bakery Café, in Tempe, AZ sells regular and extra-large sizes in 8 flavors.
A box of 48 small macarons is $80.00.  20 large macarons is $95.00

Mad Mac was started by a Parisian who had worked at Fauchon, and came to New York to start an on-line company.  Their macarons are $68 for a tray of 48 in six flavors, or $20.00 for a tray of 12 in three flavors.

Almond macaroons

Sucre sells French macaroons and chocolate covered macaroons.  The French macaroons come in 8 flavors, and a box of 15 is $30.00.
The chocolate covered macaroons are $35.00 for a box of 15.


If you’re feeling ambitious, here is a video following Martha Stewart’s recipe. Looks like the results are worth the effort!