Migraine Film

This moving documentary is racing to a June debut.

A few years ago, ASE wrote about the creation of Out Of My Head, the documentary about migraine. After great progress, much fund-raising and lots of anticipation for its release, it is time for an update.

To recap, Susanna Styron and Jacki Ochs are award-winning filmmakers. They have teamed up again to produce a documentary about migraine, a debilitating and extremely painful neurological condition that afflicts many of us but is not visible to the outside world.  Like many other disabilities that are real but are not visible, migraines are not well understood by those who do not suffer from them. Those who are not familiar with migraine easily dismiss it as a ‘bad headache’.  In the U. S. more than 37 million people suffer from migraine. Of those, 2 – 3 million suffer chronic migraine.

There are many famous people and celebrities who have suffered from migraine – Lewis Carroll, Julius Caesar, Anne Frank, Serena Williams, Ben Affleck, Lisa Kudrow, Joan Didion, Carly Simon, Terrell Davis, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Whoopi Goldberg, Thomas Jefferson and Vincent Van Gogh to name a few. Only recently have celebrities who suffer from migraine begun to be open about it. 75% of migraine sufferers are women. This documentary hopes to educate non-sufferers and inspire research and cures.

Migraine Documentary, June

The documentary is told within the framework of a mother/daughter story. Susanna Styron’s daughter, Emma, has suffered terribly from migraine since she was a child. Susanna and Emma’s storyline, which is told in animation, serves as a guide through the larger story as we hear from other migraineurs, scientists and medical experts. The interviews are informative. I felt compassion and empathy for migraine sufferers when I saw the rough cut of the film. The information presented on medical treatments and research by the caring, diligent doctors is fascinating and heart wrenching.

The great news is that the documentary’s launch is planned for June 2017 (provided the filmmakers reach their fundraising goal). June is migraine awareness month. Finally, the story will be told of this invisible misunderstood affliction with so many sufferers.

The team is still in need of donations in the final push to finish this project so if you suffer from migraine or know someone who does, please donate.

Click here to learn more, see a short clip and donate –  http://bit.ly/OOMH_impact

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