Favorite men's skin products

So his skin can look as good as yours!

Typical men’s grooming routines used to be limited to shaving and a quick face wash with whatever soap was at their sink. Men’s skincare products have moved beyond pine-scented soaps and masculine shaving creams. Men, particularly millennial men, are being strongly courted by skincare companies and they are responding positively. Men have discovered that by taking a couple of extra minutes, and buying quality products, they can keep zits at bay, slow wrinkling and soothe razor burn. Sales have skyrocketed over the past two years, particularly products with masculine sounding names. Here are some I found:

Shaving Products:


Edwin Jagger Shaving Products include razors, brushes and natural ingredient shaving creams. Their pre-shave lotion is naturally hydrating. It softens and prepares the beard for a refreshing shave. It reduces razor burn and protects sensitive skin. It has a very mild menthol fragrance. $18.99.

L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream contains the oil from the cade plant, also known as prickly cedar, which smells smoky and woodsy. It also contains glycerin and shea butter which create a gentle lather. $28.00.

Proraso is an Italian shaving products company that’s been around for 80 years. It has recently taken on cult status. Their products are free of parabens, silicon and mineral oils. They have shaving cream in tubes that are great for travel. They come in three formulas – Nourish, Refresh and Sensitive (Aloe & Vitamin E). Each tube is $9.50.

Castle Forbes is a line of shaving products that originated at the Castle Forbes Estate, 6,000 acres in Scotland where Malcolm, the 23rd Lord Forbes and Lady Forbes reside. They have pre-shave, shaving and aftershave products that are well reviewed. There are three shave creams with essential pols – Lime, Cedarwood & Sandalwood and Lavender. $43.99 for 6.7 oz.

Royall Mandarin has an aftershave with the subtle fragrance of citrus. It is light and refreshing. There are many other fragrances in this line – lime, spice, bayrhum, musk, and vetiver.   8 oz. for $48.59.

For another good after-shave lotion, try Nivia For Men Post Shave Balm. It calms skin and helps prevent razor burn. It is alcohol -free and contains chamomile and vitamin E. $7.54.



Kiehl’s was one of the first companies to produce a men’s skincare line. Their Facial Fuel line is a bestseller and one of the most popular products is the Energizing Scrub. It is an exfoliant extraordinaire that smooths skin for a better complexion and a smoother shave. $25.00.

This Hunting Camp exfoliating soap by The Portland General Store is made with pumice, sandalwood exfoliating powder, frankincense powder, spikenard powder and moisturizing natural oils. It is especially good for hands and feet. It has a deep sandalwood fragrance and is black in color from the activated charcoal. $14.00.


Beau Brummel for Men Facial Moisturizer is an energizing, lightweight, daily facial moisturizer for men. It is non-oily and protects against UV rays. It is energizing and invigorating. $26.00.

Clinique offers men the 2 in 1 Skin Hydrator & Beard Conditioner which is oil and fragrance-free and works for all skin types. It softens the beard and soothes the skin beneath. $29.00.

My sister-in-law gave me a jar of La Mer one year and I loved everything about it. I began to hear from a few of my friends that they were having trouble keeping it away from the men in their lives. La Mer was developed by a scientist trying to treat his chemical burns. It is a popular face and eye cream and all you need is a tiny dab which is a good thing because it’s pricey!. $85.00 for .5 oz.


Clinique’s Anti-fatigue Eye Gel for Men cools, energizes and soothes the eye area. It eliminates any puffiness and helps with dark circles. It is easy to use and is absorbs quickly. $31.82.