A Sharp Eye hopes you’ll find at least a couple of good ideas for those pesky men on your gift list!

Swing Correcting Golf Balls – Polara Ultimate Straight XS golf balls –promise to reduce hooks and slices up to 75%.  $17.91 for 12.  Take them out of the box and wrap each one individually.  That takes up a lot of room in the stocking!

The latest Six Word Memoirs by Smith Magazine is just as clever as the first one.  (See our earlier article). $9.40.

Does he hate to be without his electric toothbrush when he travels?  Give him a lightweight, packable travel electric toothbrush.  It comes in eight colors or patterns and uses 1 AAA battery.  $14.95 Slim Sonic.

Does he lose his keys all the time? Give him these giant rubber key chains!  $12.99 each.  They come in eight colors.

For a man on the go, this is a razor and mirror that flattens to the size of a credit card. The mirror and razor separate for use and then reconnect to safely store the blades when it’s in a pocket. $9.99.

Slip a three month gift certificate to Manpacks into his stocking.  (See our earlier article).

For three months he’ll receive scheduled deliveries of underwear, socks, razors – all the basic essentials.  He can choose his products, delay, rush or modify each scheduled delivery, and never worry about having the basics.

Send him out for his run with these ear warmer headphones.  Choose from four styles.  $35.00.

Don’t you hate having to take off your gloves to use your cell phone when you’re outside?  Your hands freeze.  Give him these Tec-Touch gloves.  The pads on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate any touch screen device without removing your gloves!  $30.00.

Indulge his sweet tooth.  Create a customized chocolate bar just for him.  Choose the chocolate – dark, milk or white – then choose from many, many toppings. $4.50 and up.

Put your man’s best friend on this photo beer mug for him.  It’s a 14 oz. frosted freezer-proof glass mug.  $28.95.

He’ll serve wine with a little extra panache with this Vinturi Wine Aerator.  Under $25.00.

Men, boys, the size of their toys?  Not really.  Get him one of these tiny radio controlled helicopters. Around $25.