Martha Stewart, Move Over

Professor Sharon Lorenzo puts her teaching at the University of Pennsylvania Law School on hold and masters ‘quarantine cooking’.

When I married in 1972, I could cook two things – brownies and hamburgers.  My husband’s mother was a great cook, and so I had to step up to the plate.  I found a lady with a cooking store who also had occasional classes.  I signed up for basic cooking, French cuisine, and a desserts course.  With the purchase of three machines, I have now been cooking lunch and dinner at home for three weeks due to our current viral situation. I thought I would share a few ideas in case anyone else is feeling overwhelmed with having to jump into this home cuisine effort.

My three basic machines are my Cuisinart food processor, a Rival crock pot/slow cooker and an Oster bread machine.  Each night before bed I take 10 minutes and make soup, bread, and dessert for the next day. Below are my simple recipes, and when I am stumped, I refer to a huge Joy of Cooking text given to me by my mother. While I am not Martha Stewart nor Julia Child, I am keeping us fed, sane, and safe at home.

Soup: when I am at the grocery store I buy dried beans and peas. Each bag has a basic recipe on the back and I add some cut up carrots, celery, an onion and two cubes of chicken or vegetable bouillon to the mix, put it into the slow cooker, and turn it on low for overnight.  The prep takes about five minutes, and you can eat it the next day as is or puree it in the food processor for a smooth texture.

Bread: my bread machine came with a small cook book and I usually make whole wheat bread which lasts for five days.  The recipe requires whole wheat flour, salt, baking powder, sugar and dry yeast. You turn on the machine and the next day your kitchen smells like a bakery!!

Dessert: in addition to cake mixes and puddings, my new favorite dessert is a snap: apple crisp. You just buy apple pie filling in a can, mix in one bag of dried cranberries, and put a bag of sugar cookies in the food processor and sprinkle the crumbs on the top. When ready for lunch or dinner, you heat the mixture in a pie plate for about 30 minutes in a 325 degree oven. Over vanilla ice cream it is a hit!!

                                                                       Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream

Enjoy!  Hopefully this pandemic will be over soon. My daughter sent me a telling coaster: “WINE takes the brat right out of me!” All this cooking goes especially well with a cocktail at sunset.   Enjoy the shelter and comfort of your home and family.

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