Toilet Tattoos

I nearly laughed myself right off the treadmill when Kathy Lee and Hoda discussed Toilet Tattoos.  Toilet Tattoos are the BEST and definitely deserve their own dedicated article on A Sharp Eye!

  • You can change them with the season, like the July 4th picture below.  Toilet Tattoos - Stars and stripes
  • You can send a message, like the No Dog Bowl.Toilet Tattoos- no dog bowl
  • They have a fun selection of toilet tattoos for children.  $9.95 each.

  • You can get them to match the bathroom color scheme with a selection under “Wallpaper”.
  • Or, best yet, you can create ‘Custom tattoos’ with any photograph you choose, a monogram or any other kind of design.  The mind boggles with possibilities!Toilet Tattoo - Monogram

When you tire of your hilarious or serious selection, you can peel it off and throw it away.

The price for all non-custom Toilet Tattoos is $9.95 each.

The price for all custom Toilet Tattoos is $24.99 each.

Every choice comes in 2 toilet lid sizes, round or elongated, for the same price.

“The only way to crown your throne”.


Love to decorate with decals? We’ve got some great resources in this article.

Channel your inner graffiti artist…

Header credit – Toilet Tattoos