Some men, by no means all, might need a slight attitude adjustment

Most women have experienced mansplaining, where a man interrupts or speaks over a woman to explain something the woman already knows. Some men interrupt or correct a woman who is speaking about her own experience, giving the impression that he knows more about her topic. There’s a short video about mansplaining that begins with a scene from Sex in the City where Miranda is being mansplained during a meeting. It continues with many other examples and is amazing!

Mansplaining---definitionAny article about ‘mansplaining’ must reference Rebecca Solnit’s 2008 essay “Men Explain Things To Me”. In this essay, she describes an incident that began the mansplaining movement: Solnit had recently published a book on the 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge. She and a friend were at a dinner party and the host (a wealthy, confident older man) upon learning about her recently published book, proceeded to tell her all about a very important book about the same photographer that had just come out. The book he was referring to was, of course, Solnit’s, but even after her friend interrupted him several times to tell him it was her book, he struggled to absorb that knowledge and kept spouting what he’d read in a book review.

Mansplaining---statisticsFor the gentlemen reading this article, if any of this rings true, there’s hope for you. Read this New Yorker article called “How to Explain Without Mansplaining” and perhaps you can trot out some of the suggested phrases. For example, instead of saying “There’s a little doohickey over on the right…”, perhaps “Sorry, wasn’t thinking – remove the carburetor cap.”


For the rest of our gentlemen readers who never mansplain, good for you!! Women everywhere thank you.

Check out this website with 1,000 submissions on mansplaining true experiences.

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