Want to bring a smile to someone you love, but can’t be with them today? Send them an e-card starring them, you, or the two of you together.

Jib Jab offers funny short videos for every occasion or holiday – or for no reason at all. Each card is easy to personalize, so you can transform anyone you know into a star! .

It’s easy, we promise. Just follow the steps.

Upload photos of your chosen cast from Facebook or your computer. Crop and fine tune the photos (JibJab will show you how). Then choose your card and drop in your favorite faces. For bonus points, download famous headshots from the web and cast them in the mix!

If you’re ready to have some fun, head over to jibjab.com—sign up for just $1 a month. It’s a small price to pay for a laugh and all the smiles.

Jib Jab e-video cards