Who can resist Valentine’s Day – another celebration involving candy with romance thrown in!  Here are some ways to bring a smile to all your Valentines’.

Put a heart shaped sparkler on top of anything edible and it becomes a celebration.  Even a humble breakfast sandwich delivered with one of these sparklers alit on top becomes an event. A set of six is $4.45.

This is a simple, lovely pillow.  It is 12” x 16” and $33.00.

Get your Valentine’s attention when you serve the wine.  This reusable write-on heart-shaped bottle stopper is $6.56.

Surprise your Valentine with a romantic 36 hour get-away.  Browse these dream weekend escapes collected from The New York Times “36 Hours” column. Over 150 possible destinations! Browse 36 Hours Europe or 36 Hours U.S. & Canada. $25.98.

If your Valentine loves to take a tub to relax or simply prefers a tub in place of a shower, give her this Grande Bath Sampler Box from Water Music.  It contains specialty bath salts, a spa bath, a bath square, bath truffle and a Japanese enzyme bath, all for $70.  Choose the scent she’d like most from Grapefruit, Gardenia, Fig, Vanilla, Sandalwood, or a combination of all of the above.

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