Blank on Blank

Blank on Blank is a nonprofit with the mission of curating and transforming “unheard interviews with cultural icons” and bringing them to life.  The interviews are animated in partnership with PBS Digital Studios and are distributed by the Public Radio Exchange.

Hear an interview with Janis Joplin about rejection four days before she died.  Listen to Maurice Sendak talk about being a kid and the terrors of his own childhood.  I had a difficult time tearing myself away and I know I’m going to listen to all the interviews in their current archives.

These are old tapes, minidiscs, and digital recordings found on dusty shelves of journalists.  They have not been made available to the public until now.  Blank on Blank takes the raw interviews, edits and animates them, adds music and storytelling and the results are wonderful, fun and fascinating.

Blank on Blank is now in its second season.  They have raised money on Kickstarter, and are continuing to unearth rare and unheard interviews.  New episodes are released on You Tube every other Tuesday.  In the meantime, catch the twenty that are already finished.  Listen to Kurt Cobain talk about his life; Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful, or John Updike on Family Affairs.

You can subscribe through You Tube and be notified every time there is a new release.  These interviews are a delight!