Make Yourself Comfortable.

Two clever friends organized a few days at a spa. Sadly, I had to cancel at the last minute. They sent me the ‘party bag’ they created. You’ll like the contents – either for a get-away or for a pampering weekend at home. Here’s to the little luxuries!

These Luxe & Milk Jersey piped pajamas feel silky, light and luxurious. They come in pewter/pearl, graphite/black and indigo/blue. With a drawstring elastic waistband and soft, stretchy fabric – they are the ultimate loungewear. 80% Modal, 13% Azlon, 7% Spandex. Luxe and Milk Jersey Piped pajamas. $130.


There is an art to closing one’s eyes and relaxing. Allbirds makes sleep shields (eye masks) with the same design perfection and New Zealand wool we enjoy in their shoes – and they are fun. I got one for Christmas and it is the ultimate luxury mask. The ‘beak’ fits well over any nose and on the inside of the mask, there are indentations for your eyes in the lush padding inside the mask, and the graphic eyes on the outside makes you look fun while you are relaxing. Allbirds Bird Mask. $35


This soft Face-OFF make-up removing, cleansing cloth has a unique blend of thin fibers. You wet the cloth and it cleans your face with just water – no soap or additional products. This is perfect for the spa or the gym, but I use it at home and for travel. I put one into our guest room. Face-Off. $9.99 for one cloth, $29.99 for four cloths.



Take one of Harper + Ari’s exfoliating sugar cubes into the shower and massage it all over your skin. It comes in 13 varieties of pampering. Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. $24 per bottle.




You may need some fuel between meals. If you have chosen a challenging restrictive calorie count – smuggle in this healthy contraband. ‘That’s it.’ bars contain two real fruits and nothing else. They are chewy and delicious. contain 100 calories each and count as a real serving of fruit. Apple+Blueberry, Apple+Strawberry, Apple+Pineapple, Apple+Pear, Apple+Cherry, Apple+Banana. The sampler pack of twelve That’s it. bars is $22.99.

Spa Candy

Sunny Seeds, Chocolate covered sunflower seeds, may be just the little sweet that you’ll want. There are no artificial dyes or colors – Sunny Seeds contains beet powder, paprika, turmeric, caramel, and vegetable Juice. Eight ‘tubes’ of Sunny Seeds. $22.99 Note: At home I often put these in little dishes at the end of a dinner party. They disappear.


Now that you’ve relaxed, pampered and nourished yourself – learn something new. In Younger, A Breakthrough Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging and Turn Back the Clock, Sara Gottfried, M.D., asserts that ‘age is a number – aging is a choice’. She offers a seven-week protocol to improve your brain, muscles, hormones, gut and reduce toxic fat. Improve health and bring on extra energy. Younger. Paperback, $8.99.

Note: An assortment of these little luxuries would make a good care package for a friend who deserves some relaxation.

Check out the ASE article on Bullet journals and bring one with you to wherever you go to relax, reflect and reset.