Buying bed linens from start-ups

Wonderful bed linens are just a click away.

You may spend one third of your life in bed. To make it extra comfortable – just go to your computer. Sheets are a highly personal preference and I love the famous luxury bed linens, but I am amazed at what online start-ups are offering at reasonable prices – without the retail mark-up you pay when you buy in a boutique, department store or big chain store.

First a primer on sheets:

Percale sheets have a matte finish and a smooth feel. They are crisp, especially when ironed.   They are tightly woven from cotton. The quality of the cotton, the length of the fiber and the tightness of the weave all determine the feel, durability and luxury of the sheet. The weave tightness also relates to the ‘thread count’ (threads per square inch). Percale sheets are light and breathable so they are often used in the summer.

Sateen sheets are made from cotton threads. They have a silky surface and are usually thicker than percale. They feel luxurious and are cozy and warm for winter nights.

Linen sheets are thicker and feel rougher than those woven from cotton because linen fibers (from flax) are thicker and their length is variable. Linen is durable and softens each time the sheets are washed. Linen sheets absorb moisture and they are breathable. They can last decades and vintage linen is highly valued. Linen sheets are environmentally friendly because flax takes less water and fewer chemicals to cultivate than cotton and the sheets last longer. New linen sheets tend to be stiffer and less silky than cotton. Because the fibers are thicker than cotton, it usually has a lower thread count than its cotton cousins.

Most of these new companies offer a modern, ‘California’ aesthetic. It is a little rumpled for my taste, but any of these sheets can be ironed.

Parachute: There is no place like bed.

Parachute sells high quality percale, sateen and linen sheets in sets – direct to the consumer, so no middle-man mark-up. They offer six colors and manufacture to the highest standards of purity – without harmful chemicals and synthetics.

Parachute was founded by a young woman who was inspired while traveling (and sleeping) in Italy. They are based in Venice Beach. They have a heart and donate mosquito/malaria preventing beds nets for every sheet set sold. They sell primarily online, but there is a store in Venice Beach, CA and another in Portland, OR.

Parachute sheet sets include one fitted sheet and two pillow cases. Percale and sateen cost $109 to $149 for the set depending on the size. Linen sets are $169 to $189. Sets which include duvet covers cost about $140 more. You can also purchase sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases individually. Parachute sheets.

Not sure about buying sheets online? You can try the sheets for sixty days and return them if you want to try something else.

Linen Sheets Brooklinen StartupBrooklinen: Best. Sheets. Ever.

Brooklinen was founded by two friends who value quality sheets and home essentials. They sell online direct to the consumer to keep prices down.

Classic Core (Percale) Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The queen size set is $129.   Their queen size Luxe (Sateen) sheet sets are $149.   They come in a variety of colors, dots and stripes.

Brooklinen offers very soft Twill sheets. The queen size set is called a Mix-and-match Hardcore Bundle which includes a Core Sheet Set, 1 Duvet Cover and 2 extra Pillowcases for $297.

Their linen sheet sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and four pillowcases. They are woven in Portugal with Belgian Flax and are stonewashed for an immediately lived-in feel. They are certified to be free of harmful chemicals. The linen queen bundle is $399

Coyuchi bed linen start-upCoyuchi: New Layers for the Bed.

Coyuchi claims to have a superfine weave that feels as smooth and cool as as porcelain. I like their idealism…

“At Coyuchi we are committed to our core ideals: sustainability, minimally processed organic & natural fibers and a truly human commitment to the hands that touch each product.”

Coyuchi offers organic 500 thread count cotton percale sheets in two colors, white and undyed. One queen sheet set includes – one fitted and one flat sheet plus two pillowcases, $499

Hillhouse bed linens Hill House Home: Dreams Delivered

Nell Diamond spotted the opportunity for luxury e-retail linens and home products when she studied business at Yale. Hill House Home was born. Her sheets have details that make them more ‘Upper East Side traditional’ than the other new companies. She makes sateen and percale sheets. You can add monograms. Look around her site for slim striped sateen sheets and various trim details including scallops. Here are the basics.

The white Hill House Saville Cotton Sateen top sheet comes in three trims; white, black and emerald green. A queen set includes a pillowcase set, a fitted sheet, and a top sheet. $625.

The white Hill House Chancery Lane sheet sets include a pillow case set, a fitted sheet and a top sheet. The queen set is $825.

Snowe Sheets are milled in Italy in a traditional factory with a storied history. They are minimalist in white, ash grey and slate blue.

Crisp, cool Egyptian Snowe percale milled in Italy.

The queen percale sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases for $198.

Silky Snowe sateen with a soft hand and cozy feel.

Snowe sateen sheets are made in Portugal. The queen set is $198.  


My daughters highly recommend these super soft microfiber sheets – the 1500 Supreme Collection. They are hypoallergenic and come in over 40 colors. A four piece set queen sized set with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillow cases is $22.99. ($22.99 – No typo – these are micro fiber and super soft).

Check out the ASE article on the different kinds of sheets.

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