Outstanding beans delivered to your door by subscription.

Coffee subscriptions make great gifts – or treats for yourself. These curated collections of small batch, artisanal beans will get your morning off to a great start with an extraordinary ‘cuppa Joe’.

All coffee subscriptions are not created equal and you need to decide what is important to you.

  • Expert Selection. Curated. Discovery vs. sustained happiness. Will there be a different coffee chosen by company experts in each shipment or will you receive a reliable favorite?
  • To Your Taste. Will the company ask for your preferences and send beans selected just for you?
  • Single origin vs. blends. Just like with wine, beans from a single origin tend to produce a strong, unique flavor while blends allow the roaster to refine the flavor with a goal in mind, like ‘bold with chocolate highlights’.
  • Beans vs. ground. Is there an option to buy ground coffee and espresso? – and if so, will they customize the grind size for your coffee maker?
  • Look at pricing and delivery charges.
  • Feel Good Factor. Most specialty coffee roasters pride themselves on sourcing beans to support sustainable lives for the coffee farmers as well as a healthy environment.

blue bottle coffee subscriptions

Blue Bottle is an iconic purveyor of strong, luxury coffee. I first fell in love with it at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. You can now have their fresh beans delivered by subscription. There are lots of options. A 12-oz. bag of a changing selection of Blue Bottle’s fresh blends will cost you $15 plus shipping. A new bag will be shipped every two weeks, so your beans will always be fresh.

Note: Our daughter and son-in-law gave us a gift subscription of a new bag of Blue Bottle coffee every two weeks and we smile when it arrives in the mail.

The team at Mistobox curates the best beans from artisanal roasters across the U.S. They ask for your preferences and deliver a new bean variety with every bag. This is a San Francisco company that was a start-up in 2012. There are a variety of plans, but a subscription for the premium beans – one 12 ounce bag each month for six months is $18.46 per bag, including shipping.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters will send you a fresh bag 12 oz. of ‘the best of the best’ coffee every two weeks for $25 per shipment, plus shipping for orders under $50. Try a 2-oz. free sample of Stumptown’s ‘Hair Blender’ beans.

Driftaway is Brooklyn’s entrant into the subscription coffee business, #hipster. The first shipment of your subscription is a tasting kit of four 2-oz. bags of beans. You pick your favorites and future shipments will be tailored to your preferences. There are various subscription sizes, but to get an 11 ounce bag every two weeks, you pay $16 per shipment, shipping included.

Bean box subscription coffee

Bean Box is your source for coffee from Seattle’s top 21 independent, small batch, artisanal roasters. There several subscription plans. For a six-month subscription for one 12 oz. bag of the coffee of the month, you pay $138 (That’s about $23 for each 12-ounce bag).



Bulletproof ‘clean’ coffee is single origin, very pure, and processed to eliminate mold. A 12-oz. bag of whole bean coffee is $13.45 and delivered as frequently as you like. You can subscribe and save 10%.


Barefoot Coffee Roasters

Barefoot Coffee Roasters fuels the tech energy of Silicon Valley. They offer three, six and twelve-month subscriptions. Check out the blends. A 12-oz. bag of a new varietal will be delivered every two weeks for three months for $118.00. They focus on ethical, sustainable farming.

Angel's cup subscription coffee


A Coffee Subscription for the Curious

Angel’s Cup offers an app and blind tasting which makes a game out of your daily cups of Joe. On the app, you can make notes on the beans you’ve tried and compare your reviews with the pros. This Brooklyn based company offers top coffee from around the world. You can begin with ‘Cupping Flight’, four small samples for $9.99 to decide what you like best.  The Black Box subscription will get you 4, 2.75 oz. bags of beans every two weeks. $22.99 with free shipping in the U.S..

Hawaii Coffee Subscription

Kona Peaberry Beans are said to make the very best coffee.

Honolulu has got the soil and climate to produce Kona Peaberry, the ultimate luxury coffee. The Hawaii Coffee Company will send a seven-ounce bag of Private Reserve Peaberry Kona Coffee every two weeks, for $23.99 a bag. Yes, you are paying a premium for this. Free shipping over $49, (two, 7 ounce bags).



The Heartwood Coffee Club of Burton, Ohio will send you a 12-oz. bag of freshly roasted beans every two weeks for $15, shipping not included.

Crema curates top coffee roasters from all over the U.S. There are Fair Trade and Organic options. You choose from light to dark roast and from fruity, sweet, chocolate and nutty flavor. Crema will suggest a coffee for you to try and put it on your ‘brew list’ on their site. Give a subscription for six 12 oz. bags of beans for $100. The recipient of the gift gets to choose the coffees. Since prices vary, they may get fewer beans if they choose the most expensive options. Doesn’t this sound delicious? Brazil Carmo de Minas – dark chocolate, honey, almond butter flavor.


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