We have updated this article with some of our favorites for 2016.

I love having a small desk calendar on an easel on my desk.  It’s easy to check dates and they are great looking. They also make wonderful gifts.

This calendar is lovely.  All twelve cards sit on a heavy gold easel.  If you hang on to the easel, next year you only have to buy a calendar refill.  $60.00.  If you hang on to the easel, next year you only have to buy a calendar refill.

monthly calendar

Ruff House Art has nine desktop calendars to choose from.  The Daisy Seeded Plantable calendar is $29.00 and comes with a wood stand.  The other eight come in a plastic case that doubles as a stand and are $14.00 each. The cards are 4 ¼” x 5 ½”.

Monthly calendar

JPress Designs has a desk calendar with vibrant floral designs.  It sits in a natural wood stand.  The cards are 5” x 5 ½”. $12.50.

Desk calendar on easel

fiveFeetTall makes the mini calendar in their ‘doodle’ version.  It comes with a wooden easel and is $13.00.

monthly calendar

tjstationerygifts also makes a wonderful 4 x 6 desk calendar sitting on a wood base. $10.74

monthly calendar

Gingiber from Etsy makes a wonderful handmade owl calendar.  The cards measure 4” x 6” and have a wooden easel for display.   $22.00.Monthly calendar

Parvum Opus makes a beautiful desk calendar with a solid brass easel ($28).  For future years they offer a refill set only.  The complete set comes in a beautiful box lined with Florentine paper.  3 ½” x 5 ¼” and $62.00 (they’re on sale!)

monthly calendar for the desk