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We love listening to funny audio books on long car trips – and we seem to go on many, many long car trips. Here are some of our favorite amusing CDs. Please remember that this is humor that appeals to us, and you may decide otherwise. Also, the best comedians often find their material rooted in their own personal dramas, so all but four of these are NOT for children!! Our rating system is LOLs (laugh out louds) on a scale of 1 – 10 (higher is better).  For more information or to purchase, click on underlined text.

~David Sedaris, author of five books, brother of Amy Sedaris, a very clever man.  His Live at Carnegie Hall is very funny, and we’d give it  7 LOLs.  His other good one is Me Talk Pretty One Day, 6 LOLs.

~Eddie Izzard is really fun to listen to because clearly he is very smart and invokes history in a ridiculously funny way. The CD is called Glorious.  8 LOLs.  Our attention wandered a tiny bit once in a while.

~Paula Poundstone’s There’s Nothing in This Book I Meant To Say, is a long audio book, which will last for an extended car trip. 8 LOLs and any wandering attention we excused because it’s a book, not a performance.

~Finally, a lesser known comedian is Tom Papa. His CD is Calm, Cool, & Collected, and we give it 6 LOLs.

CDs Rated PG:

~”Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me”, that wonderful NPR talk show, has a CD called The Best of Not My Job, which is hysterical. It rates 7 LOLs.

~They just released another one called The Best of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. Rating: 8 LOLs.

~Finally, in the PG category, is a real blast from the past, Sibling Revelry – The Best of The Smothers Brothers. They are dated, but we’ve always found them adorable. 6 LOLs.

X-Rated Laughing Out Loud:

There are two really sick dudes who get us laughing so hard we cry. This may be the point at which you decide we’re really crazy, and you’re never going to read another recommendation from us again. Ron White is truly rude, crude and socially unacceptable, and since we don’t associate ourselves with any of those descriptions, we find him absolutely hysterical. Best to listen alone so you don’t have to explain to people (who thought they knew you well), why you find him so funny. Suffice it to say that there are explicit lyrics. His CD is You Can’t Fix Stupid, and Drunk in Public.

The other comedian in the same vein is Lewis Black, who, as one husband says, “comes on a little strong” in his comedic prose as one angry, angry man! Another “explicit lyrics” kind of guy. His funniest CD is The White Album.

You didn’t hear about them from us!

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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