The Kloons

I am going to reveal the quirky side of my sense of humor and I hope you’ll still love me in the morning.  My oldest daughter introduced me to The Kloons and I have been enjoying their videos enormously. The Kloons are a trio of friends, writers and comedians (Mitch, Nik and Greg) who create hilarious sketches together.  The series Sisters is my absolute favorite and there are now five episodes.  These sketches are only several minutes long, but if your sense of humor is a little off, they will have you collapsing in laughter.

In Sisters, they lip sync and act out conversations they recorded between Nik’s mother and aunt.  These are mundane, everyday conversations but when lip synced by two men, they become hilarious.


They have another series called Switching Bodies which has a couple (Mitch and his girlfriend) who switch bodies, then have to learn about the other gender’s body, life, aggravations, you name it.  It’s also very clever, funny and definitely R rated.  There are five episodes of this series.


The Kloons create and post two new videos a month, which brings 460,000 monthly views to the You Tube channel.  They are hoping to achieve the kind of fame that You Tube super stars have, which will allow them to make a living being You Tubers.

A little about You Tube – in 2007 You Tube launched its partner program which allowed video makers to monetize their content on the platform.  Partner channels let You Tube run ads on their videos and in return, You Tube passes along 55% of that ad revenue.  Over a million people today earn money from their You Tube videos, but to generate enough money to live on, content creators need to have many millions of views.

Hot off the presses!  Episode 6 of Sisters has just been released!