I love playing solitaire, Words With Friends and Free Cell on my iPad, so maybe my cat and dog would like puzzles too?

Pet puzzles exercise our pets’ brains and keep them distracted from obsessing about their next meal. The toys combat boredom and help with separation anxiety.  Not surprising, most of them involve finding treats.

The Nebo ball is a fetch dog toy that dispenses treats. It comes in two sizes- $10 for the medium size and $6.95 for the small.  It comes in four colors and depending on which color you choose, the Dura Dogs Design team will donate 20% of their profits to one of four charities.

Kong Genius Mike is an interactive treat dispensing dog toy.  It comes in three sizes and two shapes.  They can be interconnected to add to the challenge.  The treats are 100% baked salmon or you can use your own. $8.80 for the small size.

Zanies Orbitron dog or cat toy has an irregular shape so it bounces unpredictably.  The treats are hidden in star-shaped openings.  It is made from transparent plastic and is 4.5” in diameter. It comes in three colors.  $9.99.

SmartCat Peek-and-Play cat toy box keeps cats occupied for ages while they fish out their favorite toys. Catnip toys add a special appeal!  $15.63.

The Orbee-Tuff Mazee is an interactive puzzle maze for dogs with treats inside.  It comes in pink or green.  $17.

The Spot Seek-a-Treat Shuffle Puzzle is used by dogs and cats. $11.78.

Dog Magic Interactive Treat Game has treats placed underneath each plastic dog bone. Your dog must search for and remove the bones to find the treats.  $39.00.

Pets need to eat slowly as much as humans do.  Slow down chow time and make it fun with this Green Interactive Feeder. $29.95.