Gift ideas for men

OK, let’s face it.  Guys can be tough to find stocking stuffers for.  We hope these suggestions are helpful!

I have always loved these silk knot cufflinks.  They are easy, casual and come in twenty-five colors.  They are the perfect stocking stuffer and a man cannot own too many pairs!  $5.95 a pair.

This Bigfoot stay-put tape dispenser has 2 suction cups (feet) on its bottom to grip a desk or table.  It is adorable.  $36.

Endura Cool Instant Cooling Towel looks wonderful – wet the Mission Athletics Endura Cool Towel with a drizzle of water, snap it in the air to activate the cooling system and then drape it around your neck.  Keeps you cool during a workout, or on very hot days. It comes in four colors and in two sizes.   Regular size is $12.00.

Joe’s Sticky Stuff – An Aggressive Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape is a two-sided adhesive tape that comes in ½”, ¾” and 1” widths.  It is easy to remove and leaves no residue or damage.  It can hold onto anything!  Try it for holding carpets in place, posters on the wall, holiday decorations, whatever you want to keep in place.  It’s especially great for things you want to keep in place but might be moved someday because it’s easy to remove and won’t leave a trace.  Perfect for a handyman’s stocking.

Blade Buddy restores and realigns the metal edge of your razor blades.  Easy to use and extends the life of your razor.  Under $20.00

Bike mount for the iPhone fits easily onto the handlebars. It has a water-resistant case and a touch-sensitive cover. It allows easy access to your iPhone to use the GPS, take or make calls, or listen to music. The iBike Phone Booth for older iPhones is $59.00. For the iPhone 5 the price is $59.95.

Is your fella a tea drinker?  Amuse him with these Royal Family Tea Party tea bags.

For his cracked hands and feet, give him the unscented or the Man Bar Lavishea lotion bars.  This is a solid lotion that melts into the skin upon contact.  Great for travel and very manly.  If he sports tattoos, give him the unscented Tattoo Lotion Bar.  $8.99 for 1.25 oz. bar.

Creepiosity – by David Rickel – A Hilarious Guide to the Unintentionally Creepy is not for everyone.  I just happen to have some family members with weird senses of humor.  It does address the elephants in the room, however.  We’ve all had these thoughts, so you have to laugh at the weirdnesses being outed.

Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener just says it all in it’s name!  Effortless bottle opening.

Can’t get him to remember which burger is rare and which is well done?  Give him these meat markers and keep your guests happy.  On sale for $2.50 for 100.

This Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap has minerals from sea water which soften the skin.  It smells wonderful and is in a lovely thick round shape.  It’s great for shaving as well as for bathing.  $6.50.

My husband loves Smart Wool socks more than any other brand.  He says they are well made from natural fibers.  They hold up well and have a wide range of styles, weights and cushioning.