Here’s the problem with New Year’s resolutions – they’re usually punishments of some kind.  If we REALLY wanted to do whatever it is we’re promising to do, we would have done it, right?  What if we turned it around, and made resolutions really wonderful things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do, but really want to?

Here are some examples:

Buy fresh flowers for your bedside table every week

Take 10 minutes every day to meditate

Put your significant other in charge of one dinner a week

Set time aside for your favorite hobby

Become involved in a cause you care about

Buy and really get to know that camera you’ve wanted

Do something kind for someone else – often

Drink more water

Go to bed ½ hour earlier every night

You get the idea.  Experts say that if you’re happy, you make others happy.

Happy New Year from A Sharp Eye.  Thanks to all our readers for spreading the word and helping us to grow in our first year.  Oh, here’s another idea for a resolution.  If you’ve had an idea for a great website, go for it!  We did, and we’re having a ball.