Picnics require advanced planning, but the gear and locations are so cool that they’re worth it. You can’t beat eating delicious food in a beautiful location. This is the first of a couple of articles about picnic gear.  Here are our favorite sources for picnic baskets and tableware.

This Southerland Farmhouse Picnic basket serves four.  It has an old-fashioned feel and is made by hand from woven blond willow.  It has steel knives, forks and spoons with wooden handles for four, a corkscrew, a stainless steel cheese knife, a salt and pepper set and four 7” ceramic plates.  It is 18.5”H x 17”W x 14”D.   $89.99.

This Market Basket is large enough to use as a picnic basket for two.  It comes with single or double handles.  It measures 19” x 13” x 11”.  $42.00.

This Collapsible Cooler has a lightweight aluminum frame and aluminum handles.  It has insulation to keep contents cool. The zippered lid is watertight.  It can fold flat to go inside your luggage or be stored.  $47.00.

Keep drinks cool in a shatterproof lidded 16oz. tumbler called Tervis Tumbler. It is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. There are great designs, or you can make your own!  $29.95 for two tumblers with lids.

Go green with this reusable canvas-wrapped bambooware.  The set includes a fork, knife, spoon and a pair of chopsticks.  The set comes in a snap close pouch in green or maroon.  To-Go Ware:  $12.95 each.

These are indestructible bowls for hot or cold food.  Squishy Bowls are made from flexible silicone.  They are easy to pack and hard to break. They can be ‘folded, flipped and crammed’ into a picnic basket and they will resume their original shape.  They come in red, blue, black or green.  Under $18 for a bowl and cup set.

“Green” tableware is much better to use than plastic or Styrofoam.  These renewable sugar cane disposable plates are heavy duty and microwave and freezer safe.  They are made by Stalk Market from the by-products of the sugar refining process.

Fifteen 10 ” plates for $5.25.

Bambu makes contemporary renewable products for the kitchen and home.  Their ‘Spork’ is an ingenious product perfect for picnics.  It is a spoon at one end and a fork on the other.  Sporks are lightweight and easy to transport.  They are disposable and biodegradable.  A pack of twenty four 3 1⁄2” sporks is $10.08.

They also make a longer kid’s spork which is easier for a child’s hand to manage.  $6.25.

This is a wonderful picnic accessory!  A small cheese board with 4 cheese tools stored in slide out drawer.  It is $60.00 and measures 2”h x 8.75”w x 7.5” d.

If you want to browse picnic websites, try these two: