Talking about money may be taboo, but it never hurts to read and listen to the experts.

We live in ‘interesting times’ and finances are no exception. I asked financially savvy ASE subscribers, Anne F., Robin K, and my entire start-up-VC-PE-next generation – who they look to for current thinking on investments.  Here are some favorite sources.  No one has a crystal ball – so the best advice is to read a number of opinions and choose your unique path to financial enlightenment.

The following sources are both blogs and newsletters.  A blog stays on the expert’s website and can be seen by anyone.  A newsletter is emailed to a specific group of people, and you will need to sign up in order to receive it.  Most are free but some are behind ‘pay walls’, i.e., they require a subscription fee.

Morning Brew (Daily)

Morning Brew is the main newsletter, but their ‘daughter’ newsletters come highly recommended: Emerging Tech Brew and Money Scoop.

From Morning Brew,

“Hey there! We’re Morning Brew, a media company committed to helping you, the business leader of tomorrow, become smarter in minutes. We started with a single daily email newsletter and now produce a portfolio of podcasts, videos, events, and newsletters (naturally!) that we pinky-promise will inform and entertain you.

Emerging Tech Brew

Sign up separately to receive emails Monday-Wednesday and Friday.  Drones, automation, Artificial Intelligence and more…

Money Scoop

Newsletter on personal finances, twice a week.

The Hustle.  (Daily)

Business and Tech news sent to you for free every day.  When you sign up, you choose the business topics you want to follow.

Robinhood Snacks (Daily)

is a ‘three-minute newsletter’ with financial news to start your day.  “Robinhood Snacks was previously MarketSnacks, a media company that makes financial news digestible. Jack Kramer and Nick Martell founded MarketSnacks in 2012 and haven’t missed a day covering markets since.”

Daily Pitch

One-to-three-minute videos on products and services you choose to follow.

Granted (monthly)

Adam Grant is a business newsletter that provides a monthly newsletter that gives managers insights on the psychology behind motivation in the workplace and how to find meaning in both your work life and personal life – with topics like the importance of rest and how to reason with the unreasonable.

Elevate (weekly)

“Elevate Yourself to Unlock Your Full Potential”

Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, and a bestselling author.  His weekly newsletter is on work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship, and unlocking your highest potential. He asks successful CEOs, authors, and business leaders how they have found and sustained success.

The Uptick (weekly)

Your weekly dose of market smarts. Everything you need to know about the week in financial news, delivered to your inbox.

Matt Levine on Bloomberg

“Matt Levine is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering finance. He was an editor of Dealbreaker, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, and a clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit.”

My experts particularly recommend Matt Levine.  After some attractive introductory discount, the Bloomberg subscription is $34.99/month or $290/year.


Get daily business news in your inbox, then consider the Finimze online communities and even their events.

I am interested in a few online offerings under the tab ‘Crypto Summit’.

Term Sheet on Fortune

This is a digital ‘daily brief’ on deals and deal-makers.

Not Boring by Patrick McCormick

Not Boring is recommended for insights into Web.3.0, Crypto, Rivian and beyond.

Brain Food.   Farnam Street’s Brain Food (known as FS).

$20/month or $100/year

 Get the weekly (on Sunday) email full of actionable ideas and insights you can use at work and home.  Brain Food has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, The Economist, and the Wall Street Journal. Brain Food is the brainchild of Shane Parrish, a former intelligence officer.  Parrish shares insights and ideas related to living your best life (at work and at home). “Topics range from book recommendations to philosophical musings to thought-provoking quotes. Brain Food’s goal is to share with its readers essential ideas that others have successfully developed and deployed in their lives.”

The Skimm Weekly Money Newsletter, posts every Friday.

Seeking Alpha

You can follow the market, track your portfolio and follow current news and analysis all from the Seeking Alpha home page.


CNBC has current market information, news and analysis.

Subscriber, friend and gifted money manager, Robin K, recommends The Psychology of Money to those of you who are thinking about investments, business, and the markets.  The Psychology of Money, $15.83 Paperback, $17.99 on Audible.