Spending this Holiday Alone

Our situations change. Kids get older and prefer to be skiing, sunning, or just somewhere other than home. Kids move away and can’t return for the holidays, couples divorce…. you get the picture. You are spending the holidays on your own instead of being surrounded by family. What to do? Sit home and be glum?

Here are some ideas to brighten your festive season:

~ Take a fabulous vacation with a tour group, go on a cruise somewhere fun, or relax at a spa.
~ Build new traditions with friends. A network of supportive friends is the number #1 way to feel included.
~ Be pro-active, and ramp up the places that you go: the opera, theater, museums, places of worship, anywhere that people are likely to gather.
~ If you are single, be bold! Join an online dating site like Match.com. If you are in, or approaching middle age, they have 1.5 million members over the age of 50 !
~ Take a course, a cooking class, get a makeover, join a gym and get in shape, hone your assertiveness skills.
~Volunteer your time and make other people happy

You CAN be happy during the holidays!

~Do take positive actions, and make good decisions.
~Do anticipate what things might be like for you.
~Do re-direct conversations that make you uncomfortable.
~Don’t deny your feelings. Acknowledge them, then move on.
~Do shift your perspective.
~Do give yourself the gift of home. Surround yourself with things that reflect who you are, and your friends and family.
~Finally, take ownership of your holidays, and enjoy them. There are no set rules !

Some sites to visit:

Our article Boola Boola for no Moolah Moolah for on line courses:

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Time Out for events in your city: www.timeout.com

By Serena Sarnoff Benenson, MSW