hide my ass app

I discovered this app totally by surprise.  I was in London, recounting to my dinner partner how a search I was doing on the Internet would only give me Great Britain results. Full disclosure – I was searching for an Emporio Armani sweater I’d seen (actually one that would hide my **) and the sweater was totally sold out in my size in England.  I searched for it, thinking it might be available in the U.S.  Imagine my frustration when, no matter what I put into the search column, I could only get Armani GB.  My dinner partner replied that I needed to get the Hide My Ass app.  Huh?

This is an app that gives you complete location security, even on public Wi-Fi connections.  You can access websites from any country by bypassing online blocks.  It will conceal your personal information and your location online.  It protects your data from snoopy Internet service providers, and prevents websites you visit from inundating you in the future with messages and pop-up ads.

It creates a VPN (virtual private network) and encrypts your data and routes it through remote servers, keeping your activity, identity and location private.  Sounds great to me!

How it works:  Download the app.  Choose your virtual location from a drop-down menu, and secure encryption begins. It couldn’t be easier.  It can be used on multiple devices at the same time – your laptop, mobile phone and tablet.  The site provides customer support by Internet chat or phone.

To download the app is free, but to use the VPN service you need an active HMA! Pro VPN subscription. You can sign up only when traveling if you’d like.  A six-month package is $8.33 a month; month-to-month is $11.52 a month.

For Android

For Apple