Valentine's Day Gifts

Useless information:

The human heart beats 100,000 times a day. You’ve been wondering, right?

The day is associated with lovers expressing their love to one another, usually with chocolates, flowers, and cards. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Greeting Card Association estimates that 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year worldwide.

We know you want to be more creative than just sending a card.

Gifts to purchase:

Give your valentine his or her most favorite chocolates with See’s Candies custom mix.

  • If you’re hoping to promote a snuggle-up on a cold afternoon, give him or her the best hot chocolate there is. Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco makes a delicious, rich hot chocolate. $9.00 for 10 oz. Or try Elbow Venezuelan Spice Drinking Chocolate, $16.00 for 12 oz.
  • Want to wow her? Order a clutch from Taylor Custis. Calf hair are $225, leather are $250. She has many other styles and colors. Contact her at: [email protected]

  • Give her the Goddess Box from Mrs. John L Strong stationery.  Three hand engraved pads:  “Strength”, “Beauty”, and “Wisdom”.  $98.00.

Gifts to make:

Be-jewled Valentine’s Day Box

Necktie Envelope

Write a poem on wrapping ribbon

Seed Starter Valentine

And many more ideas!

Other ideas:

  • If you are really at a loss, everyone loves attention paid to his or her pet. Buy the pet a Valentine’s card or treat. Or buy your Valentine some dog shaped soap.

They have many breeds to choose from.

  • Valentine’s Dinner game:

Make a list of the names of famous couples, sufficient to match the number of dinner guests.  You identify each guest with one of the famous people by a sign put on his back – but without telling him his new identity.

It is then up to each guest to guess his identity and find his famous partner by asking questions of the other guests with one caveat – he cannot specifically ask who he is.

Need help to think of famous couple?  Go to:

  • Don’t know him or her well enough yet? See what questions your Valentine asks, and if they can outsmart a little hand held game. Give this amazing 20 Questions game.  $8.00.