hostess gifts

Get yourself invited back!

This is the time of year when we need a change of scene, preferably at a ski resort or a beach, and folding in a visit with friends adds to the fun.  Here are some ideas for hostess gifts to bring with you that might ensure an invitation to return.

I love these paper vases. They are handmade, waterproof and Mediterranean inspired.  The two on the left are 10.5” x 11.5”, the one on the right is 8.25” x 11.4”.  Put the vases over any plastic water bottle to hold flowers. $30.00.


These Cobalt Confetti glasses hold 10 oz. of liquid.  They are lovely and made by Bluerose Pottery.  Set of four for $48.50.



These Cone Candles range in size from 9” to 13”.  They do not require candle holders and are no-drip. The candles extinguish themselves when they burn down to 1”.  The 9” candles burn time is 13 hours and the 13” candles burn time is 25 hours.  $28.00 for two 13” candles, each a different color.

Note:  The 9” are currently out of stock.


Bring your hostess an olive tree in a three-gallon container. It is of the Koroneiki variety, which is a smaller growing olive tree, producing large crops of small fruit.  $89.60.


These are beautifully embroidered linen coasters.  They are handcrafted, painted and embroidered in the finest linen.  They should be dry cleaned only.  $200 for a set of four.


As a frequent hostess, this would be very high on my list of presents I’d want to receive!  Homemade frozen cookie dough balls, ready to pop in the oven whenever needed. Here is a link to ASE’s article, Individual cookies -Frozen dough  and these ten recipes for cookie doughs that freeze well.

Here is a link to help you freeze cookie dough correctly.


These oversized matches are great by a fireplace or a scented candle, and they are fun conversation starters.  There are four sayings to choose from. The box is 4.5” x 4.5”.  Each match is 4” long.  $15.00.


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