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There was a recent article in The New York Times about Laurie Colwin, and it rekindled my love for that writer.

I loved reading Laurie Colwin’s articles in Gourmet Magazine.  She was a wonderful food writer with a great sense of humor.  She died of a heart attack at the age of 48  in 1992.  Her books were never bestsellers, but she had a loyal following that remains steadfast.  By word of mouth, there are new devotees and her books remain in print, unusual for a writer who was neither prolific nor a bestseller. Some might describe her continued popularity as cultish, a cult that I count myself a member of.  Who can resist a food writer who details dinner parties run amok?

Laurie Colwin wrote fiction, both short stories and novels. I loved her 1978 novel, Happy All The Time, but it was her writings about food that won my affections.  She was enthusiastic and joyous about cooking and entertaining.  During the student uprisings at Columbia University in 1968, Ms. Colwin cooked for the student protesters occupying the admin buildings. She was a food columnist for Gourmet Magazine and wrote two volumes of essays and recipes – Home Cooking (1988) and More Home Cooking.

In Home Cooking she regales us with stories about food and cooking in venues ranging from a one- room apartment to kitchens at crowded parties, not all of which turn out well.  She is hilarious and personal. In both her books about cooking, Laurie is honest about both the joys and the perils of the kitchen.  She talks about “Desserts that Quiver” and “Turkey Angst”.  In all her food writings, Ms. Colwin is frank about both the pleasures and the problems of cooking in a very humorous way.  She was  an unpretentious and amusing cooking teacher.

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 Laurie Colwin food writer