HOliday Gifts for Kids 2019

Presents for the younger set.

Gund Elephant sofft gifts for kids 2019

This adorable Gund Baby Animated elephant will play ‘peekaboo’ and sing “Do your ears hang low?”.  Its ears flap when it plays.  Its surface is washable, and it takes 3 AA batteries (included in purchase).  It is 12” high.  $32.75. It can be customized – add up to 10 letters to be embroidered on the elephant’s ear.  Add 8 more for baby’s date of birth.  Customized elephant is $53.99.

Gund customizable bunny gifts for kids 2019




There is also a cute bunny! $27.98 I do not see any customizing offered for the bunny.




Crawl tunnels for kids gifts 2019

Crawl tunnels are always fun for newly mobile babies, until they want their parents to follow them in! All ages love it, even the dogs and kitties in the house. It is durable and lightweight and 6′ long when opened up.  $23.95

Rainbow Color nesting blocks for kids


I love the look of these nesting blocks.  1 year-olds will love the colors and will learn how to stack, balance and nest these blocks, and then knock it all down. It is 6.75” w x 3.6” h x 2.5” d.  $59.95.

House shape sorter gifts for kids 2019




When your little one begins to pay attention to colors and shapes, a shape-sorter is fascinating to them. This little ‘house’ appeals as children unlock the doors with their own set of keys. $15.99.



spiky flashing balls gifts for kids 2019

These spiky flashing balls are fun for all ages but are especially appealing to 2+ year-olds.  They are made from an eco-friendly non-toxic hard plastic yet are soft to the touch. They are bite-resistant and 2” in diameter.  Bounce the ball on a hard surface to activate the LED internal flashing lights $8.99 for a set of 6 balls.

MOLUK Bilibo Blue gifts for kids

The Bilibo is a Swiss product that is made from nontoxic, shatterproof polyethylene.  It is good for indoor and outdoor play.  It helps develop balance, coordination, imagination and motor skills. A child can sit in it, stand on it, fill it with stuff, rock it, spin it, wear it or slide in it.  It is good for kids age 2 and up, comes in 10 colors and measures 16″L x 16″W x 9″H. $25.99.

Baby shark puppet gift for kids 2019

For 2 years to 15 years old, this is a Baby Shark Interactive Puppet. Move the puppet mouth to hear the Baby Shark song.  The speed of the song changes with when you move the mouth faster or slower. For truly devoted fans, collect the entire family – Baby Shark, Mommy Shark and Daddy Shark! $14.88.


Blume gift for kids 2019

The Skyrocket Blume Dolls are very popular and are collectible.  There are 22 in all. Just add water and watch the doll bloom.  Each doll has unique hairstyle and outfit that can be mixed and matched with the other dolls.  Ages 3+ $9.15.

Wowwee Pinkfong Baby Shark Tablet

The WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Tablet is for the Baby Shark super fans.  Press the tablet buttons to hear the full-length version of the popular baby shark song, learn ABCs with baby shark’s voice, learn to identify the Shark family, various instruments and more!  This is a fun interactive toy to help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Good for ages 2 – 15 years.  Batteries included with purchase. $16.97

Playmobile Mars Space Station Gifts for kids 2019

Playmobile Mars Space Station is a great parent-child project.  The central hub has functioning lights so the astronauts can find their way back to base.  Once inside, the astronauts can enter the command space or any of the modules to sleep or go to the lab to analyze samples.  Once this is built you can add the Mission Rocket Launch Site and the Mars Research Vehicle.  Good for ages 6 – 10.  $68.48

Astronaut Barbie Gifts for kids 2019



Astronaut Barbie is one of the Barbie Careers dolls.  She has a white space helmet, a spacesuit with pockets, wires and monitors. Ages 3 and up.  $8.99.



Transformer Batman Gifts for kids 2019

This Transforming Batmobile uses remote-control to transform the Batmobile into a raised battle model.  Use the remote control to zoom the vehicle in every direction, and make it spin around.  It transforms with lights and sound and then returns to vehicle mode.  The remote control has a trigger to launch projectiles in Battle mode.  It comes with 4 projectile discs.  Good for kids ages 3-8.  $59.00.

Crayola Spin & Spiral art station

Crayola Spin & Spiral art station is a great art kit with 3 Spiro gears, 6 Pip-Squeaks markers, 3 ink bottles, 15 paper discs, 1 base unit and instructions.  There are no batteries required.  Paper plates with their centers cut out can be used as disc refills.  It is safe and non-toxic.  Good for ages 6 – 9. $34.99.

Quick Knit LoomGifts for kids



Quick Knit Loom is a knitting loom kit for beginners.  New knitters will make a pom-pom hat and accessories.  The kit includes 90 yards of chunky rainbow yarn, 2 pom poms, the 9” knitting loom and tools.  It is not the traditional way of knitting but just as effective.  Good for ages 7+.  $16.38.



Pencil nose game gifts for kids 2019



Pencil Nose family game is hilarious and really fun to watch!   Participants draw a picture with a pencil which is on the nose piece of glasses and the other players have to guess what they’re drawing. Good for ages 8 to adult. $31.89

20 Minute puzzle to reducce stress

This is a 20-minute puzzle to help the puzzler lower stress levels and have fun away from a computer screen, especially cupcake lovers!  It will measure 6.5” x 7.5” when assembled.  Recommended for ages 7 to adult.  $15.00.

record player gifts

Crosley Cruiser wireless record player is perfect for those who favor vinyl as their music mode.  It is lightweight and comes as a suitcase, so it is easy to travel with.  It has built-in speakers and a headphone jack and is 17”w x 11.5”d x 5.2”h. The case comes in navy or tweed and it is usually $99.00 but on sale now for $74.25.   For any age that likes playing records.

Panda Hat for Kids gifts


This adorable panda knit faux fur knit animal kids hat by Jeanne Simmons Accessories is 100% acrylic and one size fits most children.  It also comes as a fox, chipmunk, owl, and several other creatures.  $24.99  Ages 3+



Polaroid Camera gifts for kids

The Polaroid of our youth has been reincarnated as a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera and is very popular!  It comes in 7 colors and takes 2 AA batteries. The photos are 2” x 1”, it has a selfie mirror and a new Macro Lens adapter for close ups. $49.95.

Potato Pirates Coding Game gifts

Potato Pirates is a coding card game for boys and girls over the age of 7.  It gets high marks for being hilariously fun and loud.  Players battle each other to eliminate their Potato Crews and seize their Potato King cards.  You win by acquiring all seven Potato King cards.  $14.99.

Talking Mr. Potato head gifts for kids



Mr. Potato Head can talk!  This is an interactive version of the classic toy good for ages 3 and up.  He sings, talks and his lips move.  There are over 50 phrases and songs and there are two sets of lips to choose between.  $18.88.




I saw it first Jungle gift



I Saw it First! Jungle is a family spotting game.  There are 300 jungle animals to spot on the board game.  It is addictive and the board is beautifully illustrated. $24.08.  For ages 5 and up.



mini waffle maker for gifts



Dash Mini Waffle Maker will make 4” waffles as well as paninis, hash browns and other snacks.  It comes in 10 colors.  It weighs just over 1 lb.  It is an easy way to learn to make simple and delicious snacks. For ages 8+. $9.99.





Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone is comfortable to hold, and the built-in high-quality Bluetooth module can be used as a speaker, player and recorder.  Just connect your phone with cable or Bluetooth and open the singing app on your phone.  It has a rechargeable battery. For ages 9+. $30.99.

Touchstone Crystal Bracelets by Swarovski

These Touchstone Crystal Bracelets by Swarovski can be layered or worn individually.  They are a lovely way to dress up for a nice event. Great for teens to adults. They are $89.00 each.


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