Best Holiday Gifts 2019

Something for everyone on your list.

For the house:

These beautiful decorative trays come in 8 colors and five sizes- Small for $28.00, Extra Small for $18.00, Medium for $38.88, Large for $50.00 and Extra Large for $55.00.  Made of steel, they are not food or water safe.


I am crazy about the Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker.  It uses a newly patented pumping system that needs no batteries.  It will work with all versions of ground coffee.  Add boiling water to its tank before preparing coffee, then pump manually.  It is very easy to operate and measures only 7.6”” x 3.3”.  It is great to travel or camp with and comes in three colors.  $59.99.



For people who love and travel with their tech devices, this soft leather charger roll-up is an organized, chic way to go.  Unrolled it measures 11.5” w x 18.5” l.  It has a leather tie, 3 separate pockets for cables and chargers and easily rolls up. Monogramming is free.  There are 19 colors and patterns to choose among.   $49.00.






Many people love their weighted blankets.  This is a 25 lb. weighted blanket for a queen or king size bed.  It is 86” x 92” with cotton fabric.  Weighted blankets should be about 10% of a user’s body weight.  They are said to offer a restful, anxiety-free night’s sleep.  $129.00.



Ayumi Horie is a Maine potter who creates one of a kind collectors’ items.  I love her dishes and mugs.  This mug is called ‘Love Birds Cup’ and is 11 oz. and $190.

She will have a sale December 13th at noon.


These collapsible bright LED lanterns are so useful to have in the house for power losses or camping.  They come with a lifetime guarantee.  They last 12 hours, are lightweight, are 8.8” at their tallest and collapse down to 4.8”.   Batteries are included. $13.57 a pair.



I’m quite taken by these table-top mini-fire pits fueled by rubbing alcohol. It takes only 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol to give you 50 minutes of burn time.  It emits warmth and is safe to cook over.   I can have s’mores year-round! $85.00.



I love these Twisted Tumbler glasses. They come in two sizes – Tall and Short and in over 20 colors.  They come in round or octagonal shape, pictured here.  They are $50 each for the Tall size and $44 for the Short size.


This Lexon Mino speaker connects easily by Bluetooth to an iPad, phone and laptop – and the sound quality is amazing. If you buy a second speaker, it can produce stereo sound, but the single, tiny speaker is great all on its own.  The Mino can be used as a selfie remote trigger and it has a microphone for hands-free conference calls. 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. And 18colors to choose from.   $29.90.


For evening dog walkers, campers or hikers, this Broadbeam LED Headlamp with an elastic headband will be helpful.  It is a lightstrip that can illuminate a wide area and leave you hands-free. It is comfortable to wear, durable and stretchable.  It has 3 power modes and takes three AAA batteries.  $14.99.



I love the Hester and Cook paper placemats.  There are over 60 themes and designs to choose from.  This Die-Cut Peppermint Placemat is 16” x 16” and there are 12 sheets. $29.00.


For the tools and gadgets person on your list – Four Favorite Tools: Fantastic Tools Selected by 150 Notable Creators comes from best 150 episodes of the podcast Cool Tools. $29.37.


For Him and/or Her:


Choose a Carrie Dunham clutch and then add other covers.  This wine snake clutch is reversible to a plaid waxed cotton.  There are 24 clutch covers, each with a reversible side, and the clutch comes with an optional strap.  Clutches are $288.00 and reversible covers are $164.00.



There are at least 6 covers, most reversible, for the handbag. A handbag is $468.00 and a reversible cover is $188.00.




Femme Fière (Proud Woman) tee, by Sold Out, is made from Turkish cotton.  It is a classic, slightly oversized cut.  It comes in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.  On sale for $54.50.

Last Christmas my daughter gave me a pair of Blue light glasses and I’ve loved them.  They help prevent ‘FryEye’ which is a result of too much exposure to blue light from digital screens, artificial light, sunlight and UV rays.  They can be ordered in prescription, non-prescription and sunglasses.  Prices vary.

*Alexander Olch’s website is under construction – get on their email list to for updates.

Alexander Olch is a small men’s boutique at 14 Orchard Street in New York City.  They began selling only online and with success tried a pop-up store that became permanent.  All their products are proudly made in New York City. They make men’s shirts, pajamas, ties and belts The tie is $110.00,  measures 2”w x 33.5”l and has an adjustable neck.

The linen pocket round is $60.00 and 11” in diameter.

Cut in half book



Have someone on your list who is fascinated with how things work? This book will allow them to explore the fascinating inner workings of common household items.  The author, Mike Warren, is a gadget You Tuber.  Cut in Half is $26.96 for hardcover version.



Luxe & Milk jersey piped pajamas are comfortable with a drawstring elastic waistband. $130.


Men always seem to need socks, which is a good thing since they are not easy to shop for.  These are Ace & Everett three-pack of breathable stretch-cotton blend socks.  They are patterned and are suitable for almost every occasion. They come in one size and are on sale for $53.00.


Games for the Family:

Do You Look Like Your Dog Match Game is a fun family card game, especially if the family are dog lovers.  Start with all 50 cards face down, each player turns one over at a time and all players must remember where the pictures are and try to match.  $16.99.



I love this acrylic backgammon set.  It can be personalized and is 18.25″L x 12.25″W x 2.25”H.






This is a 500-piece puzzle and a project for the entire family.  It is a double-sided two-piece puzzle with two of artist Grey Malin’s aeriel photographs.  The finished puzzles measure 24” x 18”.  These will be challenging!  $20.16.




Little Puzzle Things are 20-minute puzzles that will reduce stress and be calming.  They are fun, and some are the actual shape of the food item, like this soft pretzel puzzle.  It will be 7.2” x 8” when assembled. It is not eligible for Amazon Prime shipping so order soon.  $15.00.



I’m crazy about the eggplant puzzle.  It measures 4” x 10.4 when assembled.





Design a custom jigsaw puzzle from the photograph of your choice. On sale for $17.99.




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