when parents text

I thought I was the only one!  The headline of this article is a sample of one of my texts.  My children think I’m hilarious when I text because I usually press ‘send’ by mistake in the middle of a word.  They text back very helpful responses like “Ha Ha”.  I then send another text picking up where I left off, accidentally press ‘send’ again…you get the picture. Oh, when parents text!

Well, imagine my surprise when I learned that it’s a common parental affliction. So much so that an entire website is devoted to our painfully embarrassing mishaps in the texting arena.

“Small keypad, old hands”.

Here are some of my favorites:

Dad: Did you listen to my voice mail?
Me: Yes. And ur text. And moms voicemail.
Dad: It’s not a conspiracy, just a scam. You were warned. Do not give them any money unless you want to own a bunch of knives.


Mom: the text that i just sent u, i sent to the wrong person over an hour ago. I just found out cuz they sent me a text saying “i don’t know who this is but good luck with the pumpkin bread.


Mom: Script?
Mom: Fruit?
Me: What are you trying to ask me?
Mom: Did you eat some fruit?
Me: Oh. yeaa i did…
Mom: Good. I just bought a bagel but i’m still waiting for them to toast it and put on cream cheese!
Me: cooooooool.

And this one completely cracks me up:

Mom: A 1000 lb woman is sitting next to dad wearing jaggings, yike