You probably already know that Kickstarter allows folks with good ideas raise money to turn those good ideas into reality.

Now there’s Unbound, just like Kickstarter but only for books.  At Unbound, which is located in the U.K., authors pitch their ideas to anyone who clicks on the Unbound website.  The book ideas that attract the most funding get published.  We know how difficult getting published can be in an extremely competitive field, and this approach allows readers to fund their favorite authors and receive books and other surprises. in thanks for their funds.

There are different levels of support.  The more you pledge the greater the rewards you’ll receive.  Rewards range from having your name published on a list in the back of the book to lunch with the author.  As soon as you make a pledge to support a book project, you enter the author’s inner circle where you are kept up to date on the fundraising.  If sufficient funding is raised, you are given the progress of the book as it’s being written. After the book is written, designed, edited and has gone to print, you will receive a copy of the book either in e-book form or as a limited edition paperback or hardcover.

There are fiction and nonfiction choices.   Both famous and first time authors participate.  I loved browsing through the book proposals and there were many I wanted to fund. I narrowed my funding choice down to an author whose parenting books I read when my kids were little.  She was pitching a new idea, and since I enjoyed her earlier books, I wanted to help her get this one published.  I decided to make a pledge.  The process was simple and paying with U.S. dollars was easy.  They take all credit cards and PayPal.

You might help the next J.K. Rowling get started.