A Brush is NOT Just a Brush!

Your choice of hairbrush will make a difference to how your hair looks.  Your hair style should determine the shape of your hairbrush, and length of your hair should determine the size of the brush.  Your hair type will determine your bristle choice.

Brush Shapes and Sizes:

Round hairbrush for waves

Round brushes are used to create waves and curls.  This one is the Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush for $42.00.  The ceramic barrel allows for maximum heat and airflow which adds volume and curl.

paddle hairbrush for ssmooth hair

Paddle and flat brushes are used for longer, straighter hair. With their wide flat base, they can grab onto a lot of hair and allow you to create a style while heat-styling.  This paddle brush is good at detangling without creating static. It is the ghd paddle brush for $25.54.

small round hairbrush for styling

Small styling brushes are best for short hair. This Philipb small round hairbrush has tightly packed boar bristles and an ergonomic handle to make hair styling easier and more comfortable.  $90.00.

For very short hair, this is a very small styling brush whose diameter is 3/8”. $6.99.

Vented round styling brushes reduce drying time and add shine and smoothness to your hair.  This one is the T3 Micro Round Hair Brush for $32.00.

Hairbrush; Mason Pearson Nylon Bristle

Large brushes are best for longer hair.  This Mason Pearson has nylon bristles and can be used on wet or dry hair.  It is 10” long and 4” wide.  It is $240.00 at Nordstrom.


boars hair

Another option for a large, everyday brush is this boar bristle hairbrush.  The boar bristles naturally condition the hair.  The handle is bamboo.  $18.99.

Two task-specific hairbrushes:

Tangle Teezer Ultimate Wet Detangler

If you struggle with tangled hair, this Tangle Teezer Ultimate Wet Detangler gets great reviews.  It minimizes breakage and can be used to distribute conditioner easily through hair.  It comes in 6 colors and is $14.00.

Hairbrush for teasing

Teasing brushes fluff up the roots of the hair to increase volume.  This is called a Texas Teasing Brush and won’t damage hair.  $18.00.

Brush Bristles:

There are three main types of bristles – boar hair, nylon and plastic.  Others can be a mixture of those.

Boar hair is the most expensive, but also the best for your hair.  The bristles are tightly packed which allows oils to be evenly distributed through the hair and adds shine and smoothness after drying. These bristles are excellent for thick or wavy hair.

Nylon is less expensive than boar hair and the bristles are farther apart.  They are good for straighter hair, and fine to medium hair texture.

Plastic/synthetic are in the majority of inexpensive brushes.  The bristles are strong.  These bristles are all-purpose and are good for drying, detangling and finishing.  All hair types can use these bristles.

Brush Barrels:

The barrel secures the bristles and can aid in drying and finishing.

Ceramic barrels are good for everyday use.  They usually have holes in them to allow for airflow to both sides.  Ceramic emits gentle but steady heat to the hair.

Tourmaline barrels are made from crushed gemstones.  The gems release negative ions that reduce static electricity and smooth hair.

Titanium barrels are coated with ceramic but are lighter and easier to hold.

Brush Maintenance:

Take the following steps once a month to clean brushes:

  • Good brushes need maintenance and can last about 3 years if cared for.
  • Remove loose hair from your dry brush by hand or with a comb.
  • Fill a sink full of warm water with a bit of shampoo.
  • Swish dirty brushes around to clean. Rinse the brushes and air dry.

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