grow super greens at home

Fresh Super Greens Without Leaving Home.

Growing Super greens in Vegepod

Subscriber Frannie B. is growing lettuces, herbs, vegetables and a few marigolds in her self-contained, self-watering, raised garden bed called Vegepod.  She stands up comfortably to plant and harvest her crops.  A permeable mesh canopy closes over the pod to allow light and rain in and creates an ideal micro-climate for growing.  The cover keeps Peter Rabbit and all of his friends from eating the lettuces.  She rolls her garden into sunny spots on her patio and connects the hose to the mist spray irrigator for gentle watering.  I have been watching this garden take shape and now she is harvesting her first crop – fresh salad every day – amazing.

Vegepod was a SharkTank Australia winner and it was invited to ‘show’ at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Vegepod comes in three sizes.  The small and medium seem most attractive to me since there is an optional stand on rollers which makes them easy to reposition.   The large pods are too heavy to move.

Vegepod small grow system

Small Garden with Mesh Cover $199.  Trolley Stand $149, PVC Hot house cover, $27

growing super greens medium system

Medium Garden with cover $289. Trolley Stand $169, PVC Hothouse cover, $34

The Vegepod can stay outside with the (optional) PVC cover for much of the year.  In the depths of winter, it can be moved inside and vegetables can go under grow-lights.  The woman at Vegepod directed me to the Facebook page for Vegepod owners for great ideas.

Vegepod expert

Link to one Australian Vegepod expert.

Note: The Vegepod needs to be assembled.  There are online videos with instructions.

indoorgrow lights

See the ASE article on indoor Grow Lights

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grow super greens with Hamama

Grow microgreens and herbs inside with Hamama.

Frannie B.’s second home farming tip is to grow nutritious, fresh micro herbs and microgreens indoors the easy way – with kits from Hamama.  She’s got my daughter growing them with my grandchildren – in their kitchen where they can watch the crop and harvest it for dinner.

Hamama seed tray

Hamama sells a seed tray – basic BPA free plastic, bamboo or ceramic which you fill with water.

growing super greens with seed quilt

You place the ‘seed quilt’ with your chosen microgreens or micro herbs.  The ‘grow time varies’ with seed varieties but it is about five days when the cover of the quilt can be peeled off and then your superfoods are ready for harvesting at about ten days.  They will stay fresh in the refrigerator for another ten days.

microgreens seed quilt

The ‘starter kit’ with the basic plastic tray and three microgreen ‘quilts’ is $49.  You can upgrade to the ceramic tray instead of plastic and you can dress up either tray by inserting them into a bamboo frame.  After that, sets of three seed quilts are $17 each.  If you love the microgreens, you can save money by setting up an automatic delivery.

There is a great selection of microgreens.  My daughter recommends the micro broccoli and kale – and Frannie likes the kick of the hot wasabi mustard microgreens.

microgreens undeer grow lights

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Hamama microgreen seed quilt selection.

microgreen varieties available