Let’s face it, it’s tough to shop for men of any age.  Families have many different traditions surrounding ‘stocking gifts’, and we assume that you’ll be grateful for any good ideas!!  Here are some small gifts that have brought smiles to the men in our lives.

IOUs: Make an IOU and put it in a tiny, beautifully wrapped box.  It can be for a “mea culpa” issue like “I promise to hang up my clothes for a week”, or, our friend Nell gave us this idea:  She made an IOU for her husband promising not to put one charge on her most used credit card for a month.  He says it was the best present she’s ever given him.  It required her to stop all the automatic charges that went on the card for a month, like Netflix.  Nell is a veteran shopper and she hasn’t confessed where she hid all the charges she racked up that month.

Cufflinks:  http://www.justcufflinks.com/index.cfm

WD-40 No-Mess Pen: $2.99 each.

Parking meter cash card:  Google “parking meter cards” for your municipality.  It’s a very convenient card to have when you’re out of quarters.

The Green Book –  The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen.  Contains a million tips on the choices we make in our everyday lives. At 5” x 8” it can either take up lots of stocking space, or be converted into a regular gift.

Travel size toiletries – toothpaste, shave cream, deodorant, contact lens wetting solution.

Neutrogena lip balm: $3.89 each

Funky reading glasses (for husband or father as the case may be)

Quick Shine
A tiny travel shoe shine kit good for 300 shines!! $2.99 ea.

Boxers from J. Crew and Boxers from Vineyard Vines.

Gift certificates for all agesiTunes gift certificates, & Starbucks cards: Buy one at the store, buy one of their standard cards on line. 

Seafood Watch wallet size guide to eating seafood safely.  See our article for ordering information.

Personalized luggage tags: For $12.00 each these fabric ones with contrasting ribbons are unusual and look neat.

Sudoku game books:  sturdy, small enough to travel with him.

Sharpie Pens:  These are not markers, but the first Sharpie pen, won’t bleed through like markers do.